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Thursday Trends 2/21/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

Creating ongoing content that’s unique, relevant, and authoritative is a challenge, but Thursday Trends comes to the rescue.

Prepare to be knocked out by genius content ideas for March, indispensable content marketing tools, the evolutions of the end-all-be-all blog post, and higher education in content marketing and journalism.

Content for the Ides of March

5 Content Marketing Ideas for March 2019 via Practical Ecommerce
After the holiday, New Years, and Valentine’s buzz winds down, it can be a challenge to find relevant and hot topics for content. Thankfully, Practical Ecommerce always comes to the rescue and inspires with genius ideas for the following month.

Aside from the usual St. Paddy’s Day-related content, how can you generate pertinent content for March? This article has inventive and mostly unheard of ideas that include Sam I Am, a rare March Fat Tuesday, and a stroll through space. Plus, it sparks creativity with recent examples of compelling storytelling in content.

The Home Depot of Content Marketing

Content Marketing Tools: Advice From the Experts via Business 2 Community
Consistently creating killer content that doesn’t break the budget and resources is challenging for any business. And that’s why content marketing tools are your best friend.

Business 2 Community has put together an outstanding roundup of the best content marketing tools picked by top experts. This list has got power tools to help you with content creation and quality, content and keyword research, PR and outreach, content management and collaboration, promotion, measurement, and analytics.

With the current state of content oversaturation, these tools are invaluable for maintaining consistent content production and building a connection with your audience.

The New Blog Post Champion Is…

The Future Of Content Marketing: Every Jab Must Be A Knockout via Forbes
How can businesses punch their way to more organic traffic, brand awareness, and authority? According to Forbes, every single blog post must be a knockout.

Posts of 500 to 1,000 words ranked easily ten years ago, but soon these types of posts will become extinct. Knockout blog posts can only survive by evolving into end-all-be-all guides that separate businesses as thought leaders in their industry. This piece from Forbes analyzes six steps to creating a definitive guide guaranteed to make your brand an industry authority – and knockout your readers.


Take Out Your Books and Turn to Page, “Content that Rocks”

Time to Get Schooled on Content Marketing Skills via Content Marketing Institute
It’s never too late to go back to school…for content marketing. The bell has rung, and now it’s time to take a seat in the classroom.

Content Marketing Institute recently asked speakers at Content Marketing World which skills content marketers should invest in to meet the demands of future consumers. In turn, they provided this guide that includes the six most critical skills content marketers need schooling on and how to put them into play to create a winning team.

Content marketers, get out your books and brush up on voice search, visual and augmented reality, conversions and analytics, soft skills, storytelling, and process management. Your team will not only be smarter for it – your audience will thank you.

Unleash Your Inner Reporter

10 Journalism Skills Every Content Marketer Needs via Search Engine Journal
While you’re studying content marketing, why not get schooled on journalism, too? Here, Search Engine Journal provides a comprehensive manual of the top ten skills journalists use to create engaging and authoritative content.

Find out how the 5 W’s (and 1 How), credibility, clarity, balance, storytelling, editorial calendars, super focus, and more can help explode your content marketing efforts and results. Don’t be late for class – these lessons are invaluable and timeless for creating powerful business content that gets results.


Dina R is a writer, life coach, and yoga instructor with 10+ years experience writing online business, article, and newsletter content. Articles have been syndicated and featured on MSN Lifestyle. Niche specializations and experience in dating, relationships, yoga, fitness, and healthy living.

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