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Thursday Trends 12/26/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

Ultimately, content marketing is all about one central objective: making connections. You need content to connect your brand with your audience. Whether you do that by providing educational content, funny content, sharable content, or interactive content is up to you and your strategy, but it’s essential that — whatever you do — you make those connections. This week’s Thursday Trends is all about connecting. Take a look at these recent content marketing stories to improve your strategy for making connections.

What to Do about Lonely Content

How to Boost Content Marketing with Interactivity via Forbes

In a crowd of content, it’s easy not to get noticed. You can make your content the most popular by designing it in a way that gives your audience the opportunity to play with it, co-collaborate, and simply interact.

Take a look at this post from Forbes for some simple advice on creating interactive content and to learn why it’s so important to create content with which your audience wants to interact.

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Can AI Help You Do Your Job without Taking Your Job?

6 AI Tools to Scale Up Your Content Marketing Efforts via Ai Authority

Everyone’s afraid that robots and artificial intelligence are going to replace them and take their jobs. While we enjoy a good panic just like everyone else, we suggest taking a short break from the fear mongering to think about how AI could actually make your job better.

There are actually some AI tools that can help you immensely in your content marketing job, without risking losing your job. This article from Ai Authority lists several tools that you can start using today to embrace the power of AI in your content strategy to boost leads and conversions and curate content, plus improve distribution, design, and workflow.

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Is Bland Content the Bane of Your Strategy’s Existence?

6 B2B Brands That Put the Creative in Their Content Marketing [Examples] via Content Marketing Institute

Just because you’re advertising to another business, you shouldn’t think of your audience as non-human. Just because you maybe provide a business service or technical tool that uses numbers and statistics to sell itself doesn’t mean you don’t have people on the other end, deciding whether to do business with you. The best way to acknowledge the human element in B2B content marketing is to hold onto creativity, as if your entire strategy depends on it (because it kind of does).

Take a look at this article from Content Marketing Institute to find out exactly how you can make your B2B strategy more creative and more appealing to other humans by taking an in-depth look at some really great examples.

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A Play by Play for Blog Posting

1st and Goal — Five Tips to Make Sure Your Blog Scores via WriterAccess

If you have a customer who’s looking at your blog, then you have a customer who’s almost a conversion. People reading your blog are almost ready to buy or subscribe. So, what can you do in this final point of contact before your customer makes a decision to help them decide to say “yes” to you?

Take a look at this recent article from WriterAccess that explains what you can do to help your blog post score big for your brand.

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Are You Seeing 2020? 

What Might 2020 Bring for Content Marketing via Econsultancy

All perfect vision jokes aside, 2020’s coming and, with it, new content marketing trends. As a star content marketer and strategist, it’s important to anticipate the next big things to make sure your strategy’s either ahead of the curve or at least turning with the curve.

This article from Econsultancy makes a few predictions that seem pretty darn accurate about the kinds of content we can expect to see in 2020. Take a look at the full article to make sure you have the next content trends built into your 2020 strategy.

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