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Thursday Trends 11/7/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

In this week’s edition of Thursday Trends, learn how to be the most popular brand in school (or everywhere), channel your inner news anchor, get a winning workflow, earn early users, and, most importantly, find out how to make more money.

How to Find Early Birds to Get Your Worms

How to Acquire Early Users Through Content Marketing via Business 2 Community

So, you’ve invented the best thing since sliced bread. Now what do you do? When you don’t have revenue spilling in, it can be hard to pour a bunch of capital or nonexistent capital into paid advertising. Although you might not be able to afford to pay for your advertising, you can still promote your new brand.

Have a look at this article from Business 2 Community that’ll help you better understand how to use the free resource that is content marketing and social media to promote your brand and drum up early users.

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Say Goodbye to Days Wasted on a Wonky Workflow

It’s Time to Change Your Content Marketing Workflow via Search Engine Land

When you dreamed about becoming a content marketer, strategizing, brainstorming, writing, and designing probably filled your head — not fantasies about copying and pasting work, reformatting content, emailing, chatting, editing, emailing more, and spending time approving every minor detail of every bit of content. If your fantasy has turned into this less-attractive reality, then it’s time to improve your workflow.

When you have a break from completing odious tasks, take a gander at this free workflow academy offered by Search Engine Land. You’ll learn about how to implement better strategies, improve your delegation of roles and responsibilities, and learn how to get the most out of your content.

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It’s Time to Find Your Inner Journalist

Channel Broadcast News to Better Your Content Marketing via Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing and journalism are usually thought of as two different animals: one focused on selling a product, the other is the product. In today’s world of modern media and 24-hour news, however, journalism has had to come up with some pretty clever tactics to keep their audiences engaged, interested, and clicking.

This article from Content Marketing Institute looks at the principles of journalism that you can apply to your own content marketing strategy in order to be more relevant to your audience, capture their attention, and provide valuable content that keeps them coming back for more.

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Start Earning Mad Stacks of Money to Match Your Mad Stacks of Content

5 Creative Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing ROI via Search Engine Journal

Without a return on your investment, content marketing is nothing but a big waste of time, money, resources, and creative energy. When you do it right, however, content marketing can be one of the best uses of your company’s resources.

If you’re not getting the ROI you’d hoped for on your content marketing strategy, then take a look at this article from Search Engine Journal. They’ve put together five simple tips that you can implement right away to start getting a better return on your content marketing efforts.

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What’s a Splish Without the Splash? Why Your Content Strategy Needs Friends

How Social Is Your Content Strategy? via WriterAccess

Content marketing is all about people, and to get people involved, you have to introduce your brand and make it social. Is your strategy doing enough to make a splash on the social scene?

Take a look at this recent article from WriterAccess to find out why you need to include social media in your content marketing strategy. Then, keep reading to learn about the best ways to get your brand out of the punchbowl and onto the dance floor by using the right channels, strategies, and content.

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