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Thursday Trends 11/21/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

It’s flu season, so Thursday Trends is here to discuss why going viral, like the common cold, isn’t all staying home from work and watching the “Price Is Right.” In this edition of Thursday Trends, find out the best ways to make the most of your content on social media, learn the lifecycle stages of a content marketing baby, and get hooked on content marketing podcasts. Plus, get a sneak peek of next year’s content marketing trends. It’s the latest content marketing news and it’s coming to you now!

Why You Shouldn’t Worry Too Much about Going Viral

Three Pitfalls When Trying Too Hard to ‘Go Viral’ via Entrepreneur

Everybody wants their marketing campaign to go viral because having a viral marketing campaign is the best thing that could ever happen, right? Wrong.

At least, according to this article from Entrepreneur, which argues against the notion that going viral is the end-all-be-all goal of marketing. Sure, a viral campaign will buy you fifteen minutes of fame, it actually won’t do much to build your brand, your brand value, or reach the right audience. As a result, going viral isn’t something to focus on achieving. Take a look at the full article for more reasons why going viral isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and what you should be focused on, instead.

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Give This a Listen Over Lunch

What Is the Content Strategy Podcast and Should I Tune In? via WriterAccess

Finally, information you don’t have to read! If you’re tired of sitting in front of a screen and reading, you don’t have to forgo all your content marketing news and information. Instead of reading, download a podcast or two or three or a zillion, and enjoy them at the gym, while washing the dishes, or even while you start your day.

This article from WriterAccess points you in the direction of a few content marketing podcasts that are worth listening to. The best part? You can listen to the episodes that interest you most and ignore the rest.

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Is Your Content Growing Up Too Fast?

Content Marketing Lifecycle: 7 Stages of Content That Marketers Should Know About via Digital Information World

You can’t make fried chicken with eggs, just like you can’t publish content before it’s fully matured.

Take a look at this article from Digital Information World that takes you through each stage of your content’s lifecycle, which takes you from setting goals and creating a strategy through publishing and encouraging audience engagement.

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Expand Your Facebook Audience and Brand #PaidAdvertising

How to Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Content via Content Marketing Institute

On average, a Facebook post will only organically (for free) reach about 6.4% of a page’s followers. That means out of 100 followers, you’re probably only reach about six people, an arm, and a leg.

This article from Content Marketing Institute will guide you through the process of reaching more people and making more relevant impressions by using paid advertising on Facebook. Don’t start paying for clicks or impressions, until you’ve taken a thorough gander at this article that’s chock-full of useful tips and information.

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A Monkey Probably Couldn’t Do This (Hint, You Might Need to Bring in a Primate)

Identifying Content Marketing Trends to Enhance Your 2020 Strategy via Search Engine Journal

You can’t just throw a content strategy against the wall and see what sticks. Well, you could, but you won’t get very promising results. A solid and successful content strategy requires you to follow industry standards and to stay ahead of content trends.

In this article from Search Engine Journal find out how the pros identify content marketing trends to inform their content strategies. Then learn how to put these professional resources to work in next year’s strategy!

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