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Thursday Trends 10/24/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

Pack your bags! This week’s edition of Thursday Trends is getting ready to take you on a content marketing adventure! Tour an actual keyword search and website ranking quest and get tickets for freelancer feeding time at the content marketing zoo. Encounter a few content marketing heartthrobs along the way and try not to scream when you learn about the state of freelancer freedom in California.

Panic on the Horizon: It’s Not so Golden in the Golden State for Freelancers

“Everybody Is Freaking Out”: Freelance Writers Scramble to Make Sense of New California Law via The Hollywood Reporter

Mid-September, California’s Assembly Bill 5 passed. That might sound like news you’d normally gloss-over, but AB 5 has freelancers state-wide in a panic. As the gig economy has taken off with skyrocket speed, labor laws haven’t kept pace. This is the concern which AB 5 attempts to address. The new law ignores the fact that freelancers are fully aware of the benefits they forgo when they enter the gig economy. It ignores the fact that many choose freelance work for its freedom and flexibility.

As it stands, the bill will essentially make it impossible to make an actual living as a freelance-anything in the state of California once it goes into effect January 1, 2020. It’ll also make it basically impossible for businesses to hire contract workers to complete tasks that are considered a part of their primary function (i.e. no more publishers hiring freelance writers). Even if you’re not a California business, a freelancer living in California, or working for any California-based companies, it’ll be important to watch how the new law affects Golden State freelancers, the economy, and California businesses. Then keep a watchful eye on your own state’s legislation.

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Curious about How You Should Treat Your New Freelancer? Ask One!

The Care and Feeding of Your Freelancer via WriterAccess

There are plenty of reasons why businesses choose to hire freelancers: access to a larger pool of people, consistency, industry expertise, cost savings, and more. Freelancers do a lot for your business. Are you sure you’re taking care of them properly?

This article from WriterAccess covers the proper and care and feeding of freelancers. (Spoiler Alert! It’s not ALL about how much you pay them; it’s only somewhat about how much you pay them.) Take a look at the full article for tips on getting the most out of your new freelancer and working with him or her to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

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You’re Going to Have a Serious Content Crush! Admire and Emulate These Content Marketing Heartthrobs

15 Examples of Companies Telling Their Stories with Content Marketing via Built In

If you’ve ever wondered what content marketing’s supposed to look like, you can finally put your curiosity to rest.

This listicle from Built In provides 15 crush-worthy examples content marketing done right. Each campaign’s totally different, making use of different forms of content marketing (dating games, blogging, video, social media, and more), but you’ll fall in love with each one. Take a look at the full article for inspiration on your next content marketing campaign.

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Let Your Imagination Take You on a Content Marketing Adventure

Will This Real-Life Search Turn Up a Keyword Ranking Opportunity? via Content Marketing Institute

If you’re in content marketing, then you’ve probably skimmed countless articles about performing keyword searches to earn your website a decent search ranking. How many of these articles, however, have actually made sense or actually taught you how to do something? Probably not too many.

This article from Content Marketing Institute is here to change all that by actually walking you through a real-life keyword search and website ranking quest. Pack your content marketing notebook and go on a journey to find the best way to rank a beard care business during No-Shave November.

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