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Thursday Trends 1/30/20

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

Happy Thursday, trenders! This week, let dive into a health craze, avoid making big mistakes with keywords, and start connecting our remote workers. Then study the art of the project brief and get ready for Super Bowl Sunday. All this week, in Thursday Trends!

Eat Your Vegetables!

Why Content Marketing Strategy Is Like Kale via Business 2 Community

Content marketing without a strategy is like eating only dessert. It sounds like a good idea at first, but eventually you realize it’s a really, really bad idea. You have to eat your vegetables, just like you have to take the time to make a sound content strategy.

If you’re not convinced, and you still believe you can do content marketing successfully without a plan, then this article from Business 2 Community is for you. Take a gander and learn why strategy is the building blocks of solid content marketing.

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Don’t Make This Mistake in Your Content Strategy

Why It’s a Mistake to Build a Content Strategy Around Keywords via MarTech Advisor

Now, you know you need a strategy, but how do go about making one? Lots of marketers start by researching trending topics and popular keywords, but this article from MarTech argues — pretty convincingly — that keywords shouldn’t be the pinnacle of your strategy; the center of your strategy should, in fact, be your customers.

Read the full article to find out how to start building a strategy that’s geared toward your customers and turning a target audience into conversions.

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Writers Like to Read, Too

10 Things to Include in Your Project Brief via WriterAccess

When putting together a project order, give your writer something to gander. While it’s best if your project brief doesn’t comprise many more words than your order’s word count, it is important to be thorough. Writers might be great observers of the world, but they certainly aren’t mind readers. If you want something in your order, you have to tell them.

Take a look at this handy checklist from WriterAccess for a quick and simple lesson on the ten items your project brief should always cover.

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Imagine the Possibilities of Connected Remote Working

7 Ways to Unite Your Content Team in a Remote Work World [Tools] via Content Marketing Institute

Technology has changed the way we work and the way people want to work. Most, it turns out, prefer working remotely, rather than putting on pants, making a commute, and clocking into an actual office every day. With today’s technology, it’s possible to improve productivity and stay connected with your workforce — even when they aren’t taking up valuable floor space in your commercial location.

If you have employees who are working from home (even just part of the time), then turn your business onto the world of connectivity tools geared toward the remote workforce in this article from Content Marketing Institute.

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When a Television Ad Tells a Story, What Is It Really?

Longer Storytelling at the Super Bowl: Is It Content Marketing or a TV Ad? via MediaPost

Whether you’re into football, dips, friends, or the art of the Super Bowl ad, there’s a good chance you’ll spend at least part of your Sunday watching Super Bowl LIV. This article from MediaPost calls all content marketers to consider the storytelling used during the ad spots worth millions of dollars.

Whether the ads simply appeal to our emotions, turn us on to a cause, or sell us something delicious, odds are you’ll be viewing top-dollar content marketing — not just television ads. With the world of social media, televisions ads have become a platform for connectivity and interactive content. When you see an add with a hashtag, this Sunday, check it out and see what some of the most expensive content marketing looks like.

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