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Thursday Trends 1/2/20

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

Happy 2020! It’s the first week of the new year, and since the beginning of each new year is all about resolving to do better, we thought we’d help you improve your content strategy with some of the best advice in content marketing news of the week. Take a look to learn how to increase conversions, make the most of your marketing time, and get the most value out of all your content in the coming year.

How to Make 2020 Easy as 1-2-3

Three Basic Steps to Plan Your 2020 Content Marketing Campaign via Forbes

Sure, an awful lot of planning and work go into creating a complete content strategy. Although it’s a complex job to complete, you don’t have to take a complicated approach.

This recent article from Forbes simplifies the development of a content strategy into three basic steps. Take a look to learn how to set goals, identify your buyers, and plan your content. With this approach, you can have a shiny-new strategy all ready to go before January 1st.

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The Easiest, Most-Valuable Content You Can Use

The Not-So-Secret Value of Podcast Transcripts via Moz

If you’ve already recorded a podcast, then you’ve already done most of the work. You’ve created your content. Now, you just need to write it down. Although podcasts are meant to be listened to and not necessarily read, they’re an easy way to create written, crawl-able content on your webpage.

Creating searchable, valuable content from a podcast, however, isn’t quite as simple as a transcription. There are a few things you’ll want to do to spruce up the transcript to make it more appealing to search engines and much more useful for your website. Take a look at this article from Moz to get the complete run-down.

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You’re Going to Need a Three-Piece Suit to Match Your Spiffy Strategy

Creating Savvy Content Marketing Strategies via WriterAccess

If you’re using a content strategy — at all — you already deserve kudos just for attempting an organized approach to content marketing. Unfortunately, not just any old content strategy can work wonders for your brand. You need a superbly smart plan in order for your time and other resources spent on content marketing to pay off.

Take a look at this article from WriterAccess for some quick and simple ways to savvy-up your content strategy by taking a few new approaches to planning, generating, and publishing content.

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How to Make 2020 Feel Like the Longest Year Yet (in a Good Way)

Marketers: Reclaim Your Time with These Productivity Tips, Tools, and Templates via Content Marketing Institute

In marketing, like everything, time is your most valuable resource because it’s also the most finite resource. It’s essential that you make the most of your time in the coming year and beyond in order to also get the most out of your content marketing strategy.

Take a look at this helpful article from Content Marketing Institute to find a long list of resources that’ll help you improve your efforts and save time…at the same time!

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Could Video Be the Best Conversion Tool Available?

Why and How to Create Video Content to Help Your Business via

Content comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors: blogs, infographics, images, how-to articles, podcasts, listicles, and more. All sorts of content are useful, but it turns out a majority of marketers feel like video is actually the most effective in generating conversions.

If you’d like to add video to your content strategy, but aren’t sure how or if it’s even worth the effort, take a look at this article from You can find out exactly how video content can help your brand and what you need to do to start using this powerful medium.

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