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Thursday Trends 1/16/20

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

If something seems too good to be true, then it usually is, but this week’s Thursday Trends is all about doing less and getting better results! In content marketing, you can actually increase your efficiency and boost your impact at the same time. Keep reading to find out how!

Could This Job Get Any Easier?! Yes.

5 Essential Diagrams to Make the Content Planning Easier via The Realtime Report

No one ever said that content marketing was easy. (Okay, maybe someone has said that content marketing is easy, but they were definitely wrong.)

If you’d like your job to be easier, then we recommend checking out this listicle from The Realtime Report that suggests trying out five diagrams for simple content planning. While these diagrams won’t transform every difficult bit of your job into a tasty, figurative piece of cake, it will help you get the planning part of your strategy right the first time.

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Smoking-Hot Content Yielding Lukewarm Results? Find out What’s Going On

The Art of Marketing Strategies for Underperforming Blogs via WriterAccess

You’ve got great blog content — one might even describe it as “smoking-hot” — but you don’t have the results or ROI to match. What gives?

To help answer that question, take a look at this recent article from WriterAccess. It could be that your content might not be fulling its purpose for your audience or for you for a number of reasons. To start seeing results, get to the bottom of it and improve your content now.
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Maximize Your Potential for Content Marketing Contentedness

6 Best Tools and Services for Content Marketing in 2020 via Business 2 Community

When you’re working through a content strategy with limited time, talent, and resources available to you, it’s essential to make the most of what you have. One way to maximize the potential of limited resources is to find the best tools to increase your efficiency and impact.

This quick list from Business 2 Community offers up six of the best tools they recommend trying out this year. The addition of a few tools to your small content marketing team can give you the effect, influence, and appeal of an entire full-sized content marketing department. With automated assistance, you might even have some extra time for doing a happy dance.

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Content Pipeline Backed Up? Clear Out These Clogs First

Fix These Big Inefficiencies in Your Content Pipeline via Content Marketing Institute

Content creation might seem like a simple task when you first set out with all your brilliant ideas and sparkling energy. When it comes to turning ideas into reality, however, most find that content marketing can be trickier than it seems. Inefficiency is the primary problem with getting the best ROI on your content marketing, and inefficiencies of all sorts can occur that slow you down, hindering your productivity and performance.

This recent article from Content Marketing Institute takes a close look at the top five inefficiencies that occur in content marketing and explains what you can do to clear the blockages in your pipeline and maximize ROI.

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