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3 Ways to Sell to Customers that Won’t Annoy the Heck out of Them

At a time when people are bombarded with advertisements everywhere they turn, those who create content that sounds like a thinly-veiled sales pitch aren’t going to have much success with readers.

However, it’s still important to market your services with your content.  But how do you do that without being obvious?

Check out these 3 tips to create effective content (without sounding like the written version of a late-night infomercial):

Tip #1: Focus on the Customer

Effective content writing focuses more on the customer than the products and services it is intended to sell. Your content should identify the problems your customers are facing, offer a solution, and subtly tie that solution into your product–all while guaranteeing their satisfaction and making it clear that you are putting their needs first.

Tip #2: Sell Your Brand, Not Your Product

If you are going to create content that directly promotes your business, make sure you are marketing your brand rather than your product. People generally find brands, their stories, and their value propositions more interesting than details about specific products. Content that promotes a brand reads less like an advertisement, and won’t make customers feel like they’re being forced to make a purchase.

Tip #3: Use a Call to Action

If brand-based content is the bait that draws people in, your call to action is the tiny hook hidden beneath it. By tying your product to content that isn’t outrageously promotional, you can provide your readers with useful information while also marketing your services. Content writers who can do this will be able to sell to customers without annoying the heck out of them.

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To date, John A has published four science-fiction novels, works full-time as a professional copywriter, and has risen to be one of the most well-reviewed freelance writers across a variety of online platforms. Now, he hopes to continue use these skills to help others produce original, dynamic content that will enhance the quality and success of their own written material and give them a powerful advantage over their competition. 

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