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Three Ways Hiring a Proofreading Service Can Keep Your Business from Negative Publicity

Accidents happen, right? If you are in a business with a website or product packaging, typos and errors can become more than just embarrassing. These incorrect details can give the message that your business is unprofessional and even lacking knowledge.

And if you think that word will never get around, think again. In fact, there are entire websites designed to expose companies who had typos on their websites, product packaging, advertisements and more. Even late night television shows devote a portion of their air time to viewer submitted photos of typos in marketing material! If you think your company is too large to have this problem, remember that nobody is immune. Porsche of London recently experienced ridicule when a London billboard sign spelled one of their own car models wrong.

So, how does a business avoid such embarrassment? Hire a proofreader first! Here are three ways hiring a proofreading service can keep your business from negative publicity.

Polished Writing Looks Better to the Consumer: The biggest reason to hire an editor for your business needs is that the content generally looks better to the consumer. Websites, brochures, press releases, blog posts, product descriptions, etc. with errors or typos generally are a turn off to most customers.

No Embarrassing Typos: As human beings, accidents happen. You might mean to type one thing and end up with something entirely different. Occasionally, this leads to embarrassment, miscommunication, and even the need to issue a public apology. Save yourself and your company by having an editor look over your material prior to publication.

Enables Stronger Creativity by Your Team: One of the biggest ways to keep your team creative is by allowing them to work without fear of editing themselves. Writers, as a whole, tend to express ideas and concepts more fully if they know a second set of eyes will be reviewing their finished work. In turn, this gives your team the ability to come up with amazing ideas and concepts many would not dare to attempt.

What types of marketing materials require a proofreader? Website content, brochures, press releases, signage, and generally anything else that the public will eventually see should be proofread.

Landra Lynn J is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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