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These Creative Content Strategies Can Help Expand Your Brand

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Branding your business is a critical component to the marketing of your company online. Companies and marketing pros need to recognize that branding is more than slapping a logo on a blog post or using the same slogan on social media. Branding creates a credible voice consumers want to hear and interact with when buying a product or service.

Why Is Branding So Important?

Building an online brand allows business owners to do much more than simply market their product or announce a sale. It creates opportunities for your business to engage with your consumers. As noted by Smart Insights, branding that’s done right will:

  • Build trust with your consumer basep
  • Set their expectations about your products or services
  • Help you stand out from the competition
  • Increase recognition
  • Foster a sense of pride within your company

You’ve heard all of this before? It’s not uncommon in today’s digital marketing world. The key is being creative. To create these types of brand results, you have to know how to reach your audience. The more creative and interesting your strategies are, the more likely you’ll grab ahold of them and make them remember you (hopefully in a good way!)

Use These Creative Strategies to Create That Brand Image

For some brands, the thought of being creative is anything but enjoyable. It’s hard to stand out. Don’t overthink it. Instead, employ a few strategies like these to get your point out there.

#1: Get Humorous

One of the best ways for you to reach your audience is by simply poking fun or telling a joke. On the other hand, you can always be sarcastic and even bizarre in the content you create. Your goal is simple. Get them to pay attention.

Humor works the best when it is something your brand isn’t known for. For example, if your company generally uses simple stock messages and templates, break from that. Offer something funny or strange. You want them to stop and see something unique. A funny skit in a video can work. You can also poke fun at your company.

#2: Use the FOMO to Your Advantage

Building a bit of exclusivity into your brand can sharpen any consumer’s attention. That’s because of FOMO, or the fear of missing out. If you tell someone that you can’t give them access or that only certain people have access to your products or services, they instantly want to do so.

There are many ways to do this – whether you are giving them a free product or service to try out before the launch of something bigger or just having a limited quantity of the product. This type of creative strategy gets people into the brand. It’s an excellent choice for those just starting out and needing that initial burst of attention from consumers. FOMO can be the tool you use to bring people in.

#3: Give Them a Reason Beyond the Sale

Skip the sales pitch. In your content, provide a clear benefit. Think big scale here, though. What’s the real reason you started your business? Where you shocked at the need for the product or service you offer? Perhaps you have a true-to-your-heart mission. You want to make a difference or do something better.

No matter your brand, work towards pulling your consumers’ heartstrings. You want them to embrace your company because they believe in your mission. Let’s face it; you may have started out with the goal to be profitable with a really cool idea. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a true reason for doing so – family, friends, supporting the community, and living your dream are all authentic reasons to display in the content you create.

Step Out to Do Something Different

How can you reach more people? In many situations, it is all about just doing what’s not normal for your business. Work with your marketing team to create content that does something interesting. Here are a few more ideas:

  • Partner with a brand that no one could see coming. This type of co-branding can work to build both of your companies, but it also gets attention. Any partnership has people wondering “why,” and that’s good news for you.
  • Target the smaller portion of your consumer base. You always go after the group of consumers most likely to buy from you. What if you did something different and went after a smaller group with a targeted ad at them?

Capture your brand with authenticity. Don’t try to play the typical role or create the same thing everyone else is. What’s better is to create content that expresses the true character of your brand. You’ll want to create content that’s far-reaching and stretches that character, though.

Being interesting doesn’t have to be a challenge. Find the ideal content writer to help you foster this type of innovative creation process.


Sandy BSandy B. is a full-time, professional freelance writer and copywriter with more than 10 years of online experience. She is also a published author of seven, top-reviewed, in-print books on Amazon. These focus on financial topics such as retirement planning, bankruptcy, business finance, estate planning, and personal credit health as well as organic gardening and clean living. She’s ghostwritten content for hundreds of clients on topics ranging from health to finance, business services, online and offline marketing and much more. Sandy has extensive experience creating effective SEO campaigns and social media marketing.

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