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Thematic Home Decor: Attracting a Niche Audience


As an online writer contributing to freelance writing sites as well as my own blogs and for clients, it is easy to try to nab work in just about any category in order to earn enough money each month. However, as a career in freelance writing develops, it is better to find niche topics in which to specialize and become an expert. You can teach yourself a lot as you research articles for clients and put that research to good use as a knowledge base for future work. Personally, I find researching new topics fun and am constantly surprised at what I find interesting.

Thematic Home Decor

With my own background as a visual artist, and a passionate love of color, home decor as a niche writing topic feels natural to me. I have spent the last few years putting my art knowledge and experience to use in discovering information about home decorating styles and trends. This research has led me to dig into several smaller thematic home decor categories.

Color-Coded Decor

Many people choose decor based on color themes. Whether it is teal, emerald green, or radiant orchid, learning the Pantone Color of the Year, its accompanying palette, and how it influences fashion and home design each year was a real find. My brother works for Sherwin-Williams, which also has led me to an inside knowledge of paint colors and names. Companies like Sherwin-Williams have been adding more decorating and design suggestions to their websites to help customers shop online. From these discoveries, I have developed an in-depth knowledge of color trends and how they apply to home decor in textiles, furniture and accessories.

In homes, color often sets the entire mood of a room from joyful to relaxing. Colors such as yellow and orange are joyful while blues are comforting. Using my experience, I can offer advice and find products to help readers start planning decor from scratch for a redesign or add the finishing touches to an existing room.

Stylistic Home Decor

Styles come and go in home decorating, just like they do in fashion design; however, the broader spectrum of design categories does not change too much. With study of the history of style and design elements of each style type, it is entertaining to proffer decor advice for particular styles. Understanding the difference between modern, art deco, and Country French elements can turn a home into a showplace or cozy living space.

Readers often do not have the ability to picture what a finished room will look like with all the pieces put together. I can advise them on how to blend stylistic elements to create a whole look.

Furniture Movements

With the growing trend of recycling and restoring antiques and collectibles, increasing numbers of people are adding vintage furniture periods to their home decor. I have studied the history and development of Early American, Victorian and French Provincial, and other antique furniture movements and can discuss adding those elements to a period room or as an eclectic mix of style.

With details and examples, a niche topic like thematic home decor will attract loyal readers. Dedicated decorating and design fans will follow a writer who offers them valuable information and advice.

Paula A has been a content writer online since 2008 and right now is trying to figure out how she got old enough to have a 21-year-old daughter.

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