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The Theory of One Percenters: How to Build Super Fans

richIf you pay attention to urban slang, you know that one percenters are the upper echelon that make most of the money and have all of the influence. They rarely recognize their status in society and usually consider themselves just average folk as they drive around in their luxury SUVs or lounge in their home theaters.

If your world consists of team project management and content marketing strategies, you might see one percenters a little differently, according to marketing expert Jackie Huba.

One Percenters Marketing Style

In marketing, one percenters are the super fans that influence your brand reputation. Studies show it is this small, loyal group of customers that buy new products, give feedback and share information with social media friends. They are the ones you should target when looking to create a buzz with your next project, but how do you grab their attention?

Get The One Percenters Yakking

Enthusiasm is contagious, so your first goal is to get these one percenters talking to each other, usually via social media. A VIP community fan page, for example, allows you to create a gaggle of super fans, all singing your client’s praise. Remember, when they get into conversations on your VIP Facebook page, their friends know it, so that enthusiasm spreads even further.

Go Outside the Social Media Box

Consider a social media platform that is a little different to enhance the special like SnapChat. Your one percenters can share the stuff they like on Facebook and feel even more important.

Add a Cool Name

Give the page a salacious name to highlight its fabulousness.

  • VIP
  • Preferred
  • Loyal
  • Exclusive

Send invitations to the client’s top customers to encourage their participation.

Upgrade Their Status

Now that you have them all in one place, create a program that enhances their loyalty.

  • Member only invitations to try new products
  • Discount programs
  • First views of new ads

Huba suggests you use this platform to really kick back and be crazy – the wackier and more face-to-face the better. Taking a chance is how you get shares that go beyond even Facebook to other social media sites. Post back office pictures, host celebrity Q&As and discuss world events with the group. Create a personal connection.

Take Requests

Ask these top customers what you can do to make them feel even more pampered.

  • What deals do they want to see?
  • What products will enhance their lives?
  • What VIP perks do they deserve?

Giving them that kind of input will reaffirm their loyalty, plus provide you with feedback at the same time.

Give the Em the Goods for Free

Creating a loyal fan base in an investment in your client’s future, not a Ponzi scheme, so don’t charge a membership fee. These are your whales; treat them right.

Offer rewards when they bring new people to the group or share in some other way.

  • Key chains
  • Mouse pads
  • Coffee cups

If you want their loyalty, you better give them yours first.

Writer Bio: Darla F is a full-time freelance writer who specializes in helping agencies meet their goals by developing creative and engaging content.

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