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The Social Post: Content That Drives Familiarity with Your Business

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Did you know that the average person spends more than five years of their lifetime on social media? This breaks down even further into an impressive amount of daily time if you want to see just how big of a part social media plays in the average person’s life. According to SocialMediaToday:

Astonishingly, the average person will spend nearly two hours (approximately 116 minutes) on social media everyday …

When you are promoting your business, knowing these stats gives you valuable insight into how you should be reaching your customers: through social media. There is a higher chance that people will see your business name if it is placed before them in a way that fits into their regular life, which social media obviously does. The whole evolution of social media as a tangible marketing platform has made way for a unique type of content creation: social posts.

What Is a Social Post?

A social post is a post generated to appear on one of any of your company’s social media profiles. Social posts can be something posted on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even LinkedIn. A post can be a lot of things, not necessarily one, and can vary depending on the social platform you are using. For example, a social post may be:

  • A short twitter post containing only 120 characters and a hashtag to lead followers to a company event page
  • A few-line paragraph on Facebook to get people excited about the services your business plans to offer
  • An image of a new product line posted to Instagram to get the word out about the release
  • A short video created specifically for YouTube, SnapChat, or Pinterest to share your business message

So, as you can clearly see, a social post can be in many forms. Most often the post provides a link back to your website to drive traffic to your sales or marketing platform.

Where or How Do You Use a Social Post?

Social media posts are used for a full list of reasons. They can be just a basic way of staying visible, kind of like a gentle reminder that floats around on various platforms to remind people you are around. Social posts can be totally about sales just the same. For example, as the owner of a retail business, your social post may purely promote your inventory in an attractive way. Social posts can also be just basically relative to your business but extremely shareworthy to generate a buzz among consumers.

What Makes a Social Post Compelling or Effective?

The more shareworthy your social post is, the more the advertising content will be spread among the masses to yield even greater results. This is one of the beauties of social posts—you create the content, the public does the rest by sharing, retweeting, or otherwise further distributing the content to others for a wider reach. But, how does this occur and what makes a social post most effective? Here’s a few pointers according to Social Media Examiner:

  • Create posts that build a relationship with your brand
  • Boost credibility by sharing company or brand news
  • Invite conversation by creating social posts that invite feedback
  • Don’t be shy about sharing blog content in social posts
  • Be a source of relevant information by sharing curated content

What Should You Expect from a Writer Creating a Social Post for Your Business?

When you hire a writer to create a social post for your business, you are bringing an outsider onto your team who knows what social media posting is all about from a marketing standpoint. This professional will work with you to ensure the created content is perfectly reflective of your brand, your business, and the things that are important to build a good relationship with your target audience. The writer will do in-depth digging to find terminology that captures attention and demands someone to stop scrolling to look a little closer.

Check out the skilled social media writers on WriterAccess today who can help you curate killer social posts to drive familiarity with your business, and reach out to our Talent Management team when you’re ready to get started!

Sheena H has more than ten years of professional writing experience and during this time has gained the trust of her clients. She holds a degree in Psychology, with a minor in Family and Consumer Sciences, and has been recognized for her writing in various publications. Additionally, Sheena has a strong background in consumer marketing, having held positions in online retail, big business, and even her own small business marketing firm. She is dedicated to helping her clients obtain content that is interesting and informative with a creative spin, which means her works stand out above the rest.

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