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The Prescription for Content Marketing Success? Freelance Writers Who Can Write Medical Copy

Medical CopywritingJust because your wife majored in English doesn’t mean she can write good content for your medical practice. Chances are, neither can you. Instead, you need a writer who can generate medical-related copy that engages potential patients, especially if your practice offers retail services.

Content writers for hire who are well-versed in health and medical writing know how to target consumers who are researching elective treatments that address perceived flaws or imperfections. That’s why cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, cosmetic dentists, Medspas, orthodontists and similar practices should seek writers who are knowledgeable about these unique buyers.

Before you hire a writer, make sure he or she understands these very basic principals about writing for medical consumers.

It’s All About the Benefits

Medical services fall into two basic categories: those patients must have to save or improve their lives and elective procedures patients don’t necessarily need, but want. With the former, patients don’t have an option—tumors must be removed, hips replaced and arteries unclogged. But when patients have a choice, the medical treatment becomes less like a service and more like a product. Good writers know how to treat it as such.

Madison Avenue execs and successful salespeople the world over know that marketing efforts focus on the product’s benefits, rather than its features. That concept holds true in content marketing efforts for retail medical services. Instead of simply providing an explanation of how a procedure is performed and a list of possible effects, content should use an emotional appeal to drive consumers to action.

For example:

  1. How will you look after liposuction or chemical peel or orthodontic treatment?
  2. What types of clothes will you be able to wear following body lift surgery or laser vein treatment or breast augmentation?
  3. Will you be more comfortable following laser eye correction, a tummy tuck or laser hair removal?

Approaching content from these angles will improve your chances of converting casual readers to profit centers.

Physician, Restrain Thyself

There’s no question that physicians are experts when it comes to the inner workings of the human body, but sharing your vast knowledge with the masses won’t impress anyone. In fact, presenting information that’s too advanced or too technical will only intimidate consumers.

That’s one reason why medical content often fails to resonate with its target audience. Yes, consumers want specific information about procedures or conditions, but they want it in a way they can easily understand. Wait until the patient is actually in the exam room before regurgitating your amassed knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

Physicians and medical professionals who offer elective, retail services must take pains to provide content for medical consumers instead of traditional patients who seek care for a medical condition. The right content writer can help you reach the audience that influences your practice’s bottom line.

Chelsea A is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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