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The Power of Multiple Brands

Christmas ConvertiblesEven small businesses can take advantage of multiple brands. The idea is very similar to the old rule of thumb, “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” Throughout the year, the products and services that you provide have a range of “selling.” What this means is that how your products or services perform daily, weekly, and monthly is not static. Each product’s performance fluctuates based on outside factors. For small businesses, developing multiple brands that are based on your product or service lines can be valuable.

Think about Ford Motor Company, which sells a wide selection of vehicles. Their products range from commercial grade trucks to environmentally friendly automobiles. Each of their product lines has its own brand. This brand allows them to target advertising to specific customer groups. The result is that they are able to place their product in front of people who are interested in their product. Small businesses can do the same thing for a fraction of the cost if they use press release writers to create stimulating and engaging content that can be directed in a target focused online campaign.

Target Advertising

Target advertising has been around for a long time. It is a form of advertisement that directs specific products to specific consumers. For small businesses, this is a very important form of advertising because it usually has a higher return on investment. When used in conjunction with multiple branding, the power of target advertising becomes even more impressive. Press release writers make an unusual but appropriate tool to create targeted branding messages. These writers are used to create newsworthy documents that sell concepts. That talent is what can propel a brand forward in a competitive market.

Every product or services has a life cycle and using target branding marketing is one way to boost sales of a brand during its off season. How many people buy convertibles in the winter? Not nearly as many as those who buy them in the summer. Why? The convertible is an automobile made for sunny weather. Yet in 2010 Neiman Marcus added 100 limited edition purple Camaro Convertibles to their Christmas catalog and sold all 100 in 3 minutes, for a whopping $75K each. That is the power of marketing. Neiman Marcus is not even an auto retailer, except at Christmas, but they were able to capitalize on the concept of Christmas, and convertibles, in what is likely the coldest month of the year.

Forbes published an article titled Same Car, Different Brand, which illustrates the power of branding. When small businesses divide up their services or product lines by different brands, they too can take advantage of individual lines of marketing. That kind of division increases the effectiveness of brand performance. That is how small businesses can compete with the mega super store. Precision timed marketing directed at people who are ready to buy really does work.

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