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The Newsletter: Getting Loyal Customers to Stay Loyal

readingOnce you have developed a small customer base, you want to keep them coming back to see what else you have for them. Many businesses choose to release a regular newsletter full of interesting information as well as sales, so that customers are always reminded of their current options. Knowing what to write and how to display it can be sticky. But, fear not: the tricks to savvy and saucy newsletter writing are here.


You published the content you got from press release writers and now you are wondering what other avenues you should take. Newsletters provide an excellent hook to keep attracting your customers because you can make them so versatile. People who dislike the blunt and short nature of social media will enjoy taking the time to read a little more in-depth content in your newsletter. The content should be relevant, interesting and relatively simple to read within a few minutes. Provide an incentive to continue beyond the first paragraph (e.g. “Read more to hear about our Fabulous Fridays promotion starting next week!”). Fill the content with groovy details or factoids that will engage your fans and make them hungry for more.


Yes, there is an element of design to newsletters, even if they are sent through email. Whether you design your newsletter in Publisher or InDesign or you use an online newsletter design service, you should take care that your newsletter is easy to read in whichever format you choose. Readers want to open up your newsletter and see engaging content with pictures and text that is easy to read. Select a format to use for your newsletter, including font faces and sizes, and then stick to it. Be sure to view your eNewsletter in different browsers and on mobile phones to see how it looks.


It may not seem like the size of your newsletter should matter too much, but it does. You could even embrace the “give it to me NOW culture” and provide a TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) version for those who just want you to get to the point. However, the best way to keep your followers on your trail is to avoid making the content feel overwhelming to them. Once you have a design that you like, send it to yourself or to someone else in your company in the same method you intend to send it to your customers. This will show you whether the paragraphs seem appropriately-sized or if they appear to drag on forever. Do not expect your readers to scroll down more than once or twice. Keep the important takeaways at the top and again at the very bottom.

Making a newsletter seems like a daunting prospect, but it really is far easier than that. In time, you will develop a program that becomes as easy as pie. With these tips to create engaging content with a great design and a respectful size, you will have yet another path to reach your shoppers, and for them to find you.

Writer Bio: Holly S is a freelance writer available for projects at WriterAccess.

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