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The Mommyverse: It’s Not for Just Any Old Writer

Writing for the MommyverseMoms are mean. They’re judgmental and fickle and overly sensitive, especially when it comes to their kids.

I know. I am one. That’s why myself and other professional freelance blog writers know better than to write for the powerful “mommyverse.”

I admire the moms who do share their wisdom and opinions with the world. These talented ladies possess a unique skill set that I don’t have. They can inject humor, empathy and advice into a piece that doesn’t come across as artificial or contrived. And they can do it without drawing the wrath of the millions of moms who seek out ideas, advice and inspiration online.

So if you sell consumer goods or services, you simply can’t ignore the mommyverse. The impact of mommy bloggers on the business world is substantial and it’s growing. With some 83 million moms in the U.S., mommy blogs influence much of the commerce that’s carried out today. According to one estimate, 84 percent of moms seek advice from a blog before making a purchase.

Why the pervasive influence?

The mommy blog phenomenon started before Facebook was a household name. Moms updated personal online blogs with anecdotes and pictures of their kids. They ranted about problems at a school or doctor’s office or the DMV. They posted pictures of crafts and home improvement projects and Halloween costumes. They did it so out-of-town friends and relatives could get a glimpse into their family’s day-to-day activities.

Enter Facebook and the proliferation of online advertising and things changed drastically. Moms found they could make money by writing blogs. Advertisers wanted to buy space on the more popular blogs, and some moms were able to turn a part-time hobby into a lucrative business. Today, of the 4 million American moms who actively blog, at least 500 mommy blogs have a real national reach.

That means other moms—millions of them—turn to blogs for advice about problems, products and practical solutions. Savvy business owners simply can’t ignore the opportunity to reach the mommy audience.

But just because a mom is a professional writer doesn’t mean she’s the right person for the job. Instead, seek out freelance blog writers who can engage a wide variety of mothers with more than just insightful content and compelling content. The writer you select should:

  • Have a voice that resonates positively with his or her peers;
  • Speak authoritatively about parenting successes and failures;
  • Know when it’s appropriate to inject humor and self-deprecating anecdotes.

Building camaraderie with other moms is a vital part of the audience-building process. The first step is finding a freelance writer who can capture the hearts and minds of the “mommyverse.”

Chelsea A is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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