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The Language of Copy Writing

How you write matters as much as what you write in providing copywriting services to clients. When clients hire a writer, they expect to see content that mirrors their own voice. A successful copy writer understands this reality and learns to master the language of copy writing. Knowing how you should present content makes you instantly more marketable as a copywriter.

You can learn the language of copy writing by following these steps:

1. Channel Your Audience

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach in content writing. What works for one client is not guaranteed to work for another client. Content must fit the needs of the target audience. When a writer understands how their audience thinks, they will communicate better with those people.

A good habit to develop as a copywriter is to picture your target audience before you write a word. Who makes up your target audience? Where do they live? What is their average age and income level? Are they working professionals? College students? Stay-at-home Moms? Finding the answers to these types of questions will give you a better idea how you should deliver your message.

2. Use Power Words

An active voice tightens up writing and makes it flow more naturally. The same is true with power words. Inserting power words energizes your content. It makes sentences leap off the page. Power words are emotional words. Their purpose is to trigger an emotional response in your target audience.

Sales content is a great example of how power words are used to influence another person. A flyer or brochure designed to generate a sale will use language that persuades a customer they need a certain product or service. It grabs their attention and inspires them to take action without delay.

3. Write Meaningful Sentences

Every sentence should serve a purpose in your content. Packing an article full of flowery words might impress an English professor. It will not appeal to a client. Content should serve a particular need for your client. Each sentence of that content should be simple, easy-to-understand and original. Most importantly, each sentence should be informative.

SEO is one area where this approach is most helpful. Some clients think your copywriting services should be focused on creating SEO friendly content stuffed with strings of keywords. This might fool the search engines into ranking content higher. Such an approach will turn away discerning readers. They will not find content appealing when it violates basic grammar rules just to force feed certain keywords to search engines.

4. Be Informative

The basic rule of content writing is making it informative. Show your reader something they do not know. Even with a familiar topic, find a new spin or a new perspective. Clients often ask a copywriter to present common ideas and concepts in a fresh way. Your writing must be distinguishable from dozens of other articles and blogs on the same topic.

You should capture your reader’s interest with a unique title and informative content in the opening paragraph. What you write can inform them and change their way of thinking if it hold their interest. Good content writing is about educating your audience as much as making a living.

John C is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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