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The Golden Globes from a Freelancer’s Perspective

Golden Globes 2014Sunday, January 12 marks the beginning of the 71st hunger games Golden Globe Awards. At 8pm ET/5pm PT you can tune into NBC to see the red carpet glamour and watch live as the awards are handed out. From discussions about what the celebrities will be served for dinner to educated stab-in-the-dark guesses on winner predictions, the Golden Globe Awards are always a buzz-worthy topic of Twitter feeds and blog posts around the country.

Who’s On the Block?

Nominations are set and predictions are running thick. While I watch movies, TV shows are my guilty pleasure—a long-running plot line that has to stay both surprising and true-to-form. Each week television writers have to entertain an audience, holding them captive and tempting them to return at the same time next week. Marketing schemes run deep, with well-placed ads and carefully plotted season releases. I find it all fascinating and pay close attention to glean wisdom from their successes.

Personal Predictions: TV Drama

Personally, I’m dying to know who is going to win the Best TV Drama award. Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, The Good Wife, House of Cards—each of these shows are captivating and thrilling dramas and set against each other for Best TV Drama. Each holds its audience spellbound and waiting for the next episode.

Breaking Bad may be running strong in it’s final season, but Netflix has hit a home run with the first season of its original series House of Cards. I fully expect Breaking Bad to take home a series-ending victory, but I can’t say I would be terribly sad to see House of Cards, or even Downton Abbey, take home the prize.

Nah, I can’t lie—after 6 strong seasons, I’m fully cheering on Breaking Bad for the title (as well as Breaking Bad lead actor Bryan Cranston for Best Actor in a Television Series—Drama) and I wasn’t too surprised to see the Washington Post agrees with me.

Personal Predictions: TV Comedy

Although comedy isn’t usually my favorite TV series genre, I’m also heartily rooting for Parks and Recreation to win TV Series—Comedy for 2014. I promise being from Indiana (and, no, Pawnee is not a real city in Indiana) doesn’t tinge my perception. Every episode of that show is funny and the characters are well developed into a broad spectrum of ridiculously charming characters. Plus, with Amy Poehler hosting, shouldn’t she have an in with the judging process or something?

Leading With a Voice (Mad Ramblings of a Freelance Content Writer)

And now is where I point out what might be the obvious reality—each one of the nominated films and shows have a strong sense of personality and dedication. Irregardless of the genre or medium, the strongest and most moving pieces are laced with deep characters, a gripping storyline and most of them have great marketing schemes for publicity. Take note, writers: this is what businesses are looking for, and this is why they hire freelance writers to do what they don’t have the time (and most often the background) to do—give their company a powerful voice in a deluge of competition.

How Will You Watch?

Taking notes and getting inspiration? Cheering? If you want to celebrate right along with the big shots, HFPA has even published their special Golden Globe Awards 2014 cocktail recipe for the big night. Whether you are a frequent TV show watcher, movie-goer, celebrity admirer or watching for any other reason, be sure to notice the fashion, the writing and the winners—I know I will.

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