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The Core Elements at the Heart of Every Valentine’s Day Marketing Strategy

The Core Elements at the Heart of Every Valentine

Holiday-themed promotions are always big opportunities, regardless of the industry that you’re in or the holiday you happen to be talking about.

According to one study, consumers in the United States spent about $18.9 billion on Valentine’s Day in 2015 – a trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

The average person spends about $142.31 on this most special of days, making Valentine’s Day a cornerstone of any marketing strategy.

To pull that Valentine’s Day campaign off, you need to keep a few key things in mind. Below are the elements that are always at the heart (no pun intended) of every Valentine’s Day marketing strategy.


The Power of Love, And Video

You already know from the video marketing statistics out there that video is a powerful tool that can do everything from help increase your e-mail open rates to sending conversion rates on a landing page soaring.

What you may not realize is that video can also be an incredible educational tool in your marketing strategy.

You can create a video-based Valentine’s gift guide, offering an overview of your products or services in stunning detail. Showing how to use it in a new way, or how to include it as a part of a personalized gift.

Let people really see what you’re offering and add a music track to help convey the feeling you’re going for.


Provide Social Support for Social Causes Close to Your Heart

Valentine’s Day is also a great opportunity to raise awareness on all the good work your organization is doing.

February 14th provides a chance to team with a charity (local or nationwide) and spread the love.

Use the full power of social media to your advantage. Create a campaign and associated hashtag that lets people know which charity you’ve partnered with, or how much of their total purchase will be going to a good cause.

Macy’s launched the #MacysGoesRed social media campaign and donated $2 to Go Red For Women for every picture that was uploaded throughout the course of the day.

An example of how you can promote good within your customer base, while encouraging engagement to further your efforts.


The Power of SMS When it Comes to 143

Remember that Valentine’s Day is all about intimacy and there are few things more intimate when it comes to marketing than a personalized text message.

People can ignore emails and social media notifications, but they’re less likely to just ignore a text – particularly if its created in a way that makes it feel it was for their eyes only.

Consider sending that Valentine’s Day-specific offer via a text this year, using the fact that the average person tends to respond to a text message within 90 seconds to your advantage!

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