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The Business Side of Writing

Let me begin this article with a little bit of honesty. I never thought that I could ever be anything more than a simple factory employee.

When I began my journey as a freelancer a few months ago, the thought of joining a stable of expert writers was the farthest thing from my mind

Writing for Dollars

The recession hit our economy like a ton of bricks, and I left a good paying job out of hubris for another job that was closer to home.

Then suddenly I was out in the cold. I’d been fired because of someone else’s stupidity and my own honesty. I had no idea what my next move was, so I went back to writing articles.

Finding Those Freelancing Gigs

Up until this point writing was just a hobby, not my vocation. I had written a few articles just for some spending money…now it had to become more than a hobby.

Honestly, the first few months were pure torture. I applied for as many writing positions as I could, and for every one that I’d be accepted for, I was turned down by at least three others.

My first two months of freelance writing went by quickly. Suddenly it was March and I began to understand that I could actually earn a living freelancing.

Writing as a Business

In March I took a leap of faith and launched KeyWords Media. I wrote a press release, distributed it, and that was the extent of my marketing for the business.

I understood that for KeyWords Media to grow, I had to have a better understanding of my business, and what the heck it was that I did for a living.

I didn’t have the luxury of trying to find myself, I had just enough time to tell myself I was a freelance writer, and it was time to leave that old life behind me.

I began managing my time better. I set aside time every day to apply for new writing gigs here as well as other venues, and I made the time to write content for my blog on a regular basis. I also took the time to use a few social media channels to share that content with others.

Some Final Thoughts

One thing that every writer should come to terms with is a simple truth. There are lots of expert writers out there, and they spent lots of time in front of their keyboards to become experts.

Whether you’ve just started freelancing, or you’re a seasoned writer, becoming a successful freelance writer will demand your time.

It’s been almost two years since I began freelancing, and I still see the possibilities. Today more and more businesses understand the need for content, and that’s where I come in.

Whether a business requires SEO blog writers, or just one web content writer, these are positions that I can fill every day of the week, after all it’s my career.

Lew N is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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