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The Blog Post: Content That Drives Up Customer Satisfaction

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Good blog posts are informational, entertaining, and helpful. They may even be witty or funny, or they may take a serious tone about an important issue. But no matter what else they are, they need to be quality in the sense that they give customers a lot of satisfaction. That satisfaction can go a very long way toward getting customers in the door and keeping them coming back.

When someone comes and reads what your company has written, they want to see that you understand their needs, goals, and desires. Then they want to see how your product or service can meet those things for them. If you can meet their needs and help them reach their goals for a price they feel is fair, they’re much more likely to buy from you. And that can all start with a simple blog post.

What is the Basis for Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction has its basis in “pain points.” These are the issues your customer is facing, and the struggles they might be having. Whether these cause them physical pain, mental stress, or financial problems, pain is pain. You want to be able to show your customers how you can ease or eliminate their pain, and when you do that you’ll basically be their hero. Additionally, they’re much more likely to tell other people about how you helped them, and that word of mouth advertising can go a very long way.

In order to convey to customers how you can address their pain points, you need to reach them. That means they have to be able to find your information, and when they do find it they need to see that it has value to them. With good blog posts, you can convey that information the right way and show customers how you can satisfy them. Then, you actually have to follow through. But the first step is simply reaching them with content they can understand and appreciate. That will get them interested in exploring their options even further, which means you get the chance to show them more of what you can do.

How to Use Customer Satisfaction to Your Advantage

Satisfied customers buy more, are happier, and tell others about their good experiences. When you have people who are happy with what you’re giving them, that level of satisfaction goes a long way. You can use that to your business’ advantage, without actually taking advantage of the customers themselves. Ask your customers to give you a good Google or Yelp review, for example, or to come talk to you if they feel you’re not meeting their needs the way they would like. Reach out and be responsive. Be proactive, open, and friendly. You can convey all of that through blog posts, and keep customers satisfied while benefiting your business, as well.

What Makes a Compelling Blog Post?

Compelling blog posts offer something to the customer. They tug at their heartstrings, make them laugh, or otherwise teach or show them something about the world they live in. That’s important, because a blog post that doesn’t say anything isn’t going to keep customers coming back. You want customers to feel satisfied with what you can offer just by reading about it. You want them to think that your company can handle their problems and meet their needs. If you don’t give customers that feeling, they may decide not to even give your company a try. Unfortunately, that could mean a big loss of sales.

What to Expect From a Writer Who’s Developing a Blog Post

Whether your company has a writer on staff or hires one to write blog posts and other content, you likely have some high expectations. There’s nothing wrong with that. Your content needs to work, and you expect the writer you choose to understand that. But make sure you give them plenty of guidance, too. If they aren’t clear on what your product or service really offers, or they don’t know what type of message you’re actually trying to convey, their content is very likely to miss the mark unintentionally. Understand that you’ll need to work with them in the beginning, and they’ll need less guidance at a later date.

Overall, your blog posts can raise customer satisfaction to a new level if they’re handled the right way. Be clear about your expectations for anyone who’s writing them, and reach out to customers with ideas and options that speak to what they need and want. When you show customers that you understand what matters to them, and you give them options for ways you can address their concerns, they’re much more likely to appreciate what your company can offer them. Then they get the chance to have a company that cares on their side, and that can make all the difference in how satisfied they feel.

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Michelle B writes web content, articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and more, and has created thousands of pieces of content for companies all over the world. She holds an associate’s degree in business management and a bachelor’s degree in legal administration.

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