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The Biggest Mistakes You’re Making with Content Writing Sites

content writing site mistakes

You’re using content writing sites to boost your rankings and drive your social media campaign. It’s a solid plan. After all, where else can you easily (even at the last minute) get help writing a blog post that really gets attention from your audience? Even though you may prefer to slave away at creating your own exceptional piece of quality content, you know you can easily turn to these professionals for a bit of a helping hand. It gives you the ability to focus on your employees and your business plan, after all. But, are you getting all that you could out of these tools? Most people don’t and that could be costing you.

Engage Writers

It’s easy to use content writing sites. You sign up, sign in, and post the work you need completed. It seems like it is that easy (and it can be) but doing this provides you with a basic piece. It’s the type of piece that’s “good enough” and gets by. But, what happens if you fully engage your writer? What if you did more than just post the order and leave?

When you provide more information and engage your writer, you get a better product. You get the type of product that you could have written yourself. Here are a few tips to make that possible:

  • Of course you’ll want to leave as detailed of directions as is possible. This provides the information that’s necessary. Providing it isn’t an option, but a must to get a piece that’s usable.
  • Interact with the writer throughout the writing process. Just because you expect the piece to be done in 3 days doesn’t mean you need to wait until that time to “check in” and see how things are going.
  • When the writer asks a question, be sure you respond to it as thoroughly as possible. This gives you the opportunity to ensure the piece is on the right track from the start.

Engaging your writer is just one step you can take to ensure you get the finished piece you want. But, there’s more.

Dive in More Fully

With a few more tips, you’ll be able to ace that piece:

  1. Use the onsite editors as a tool for improving grammar and flow. Even the very best of writers needs a third party to look over his or her work for mistakes.
  2. Use the marketing tools the site offers to help you get your piece from the workspace to the blog and into the social media world.
  3. Pay for research. Do you want to tackle that hard-to-find information and create a blog post, but lack the time to do it? Use the site to pay for that additional research.

There’s no doubt that you’ll get better results when you improve communication. When you do, you’ll achieve your end goal whether that is to create bigger profits or expand your brand.

When it comes to delivering on-spec, Sandy B ‘s 10 plus years of experience writing for the Internet ensures the ideal end-result.

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