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Real Estate Marketing Insights from a Blogging Guru

When I’m writing about my home turf, I generally know the best resources to use.

Here in New York City, the market is unlike all others. MLS listings are rarely used, and the ups and downs of the market are unique to the city. But when I want to know what’s new with real estate writing, I know just where to look, and what sort of real estate marketing each resource offers.

For more story-focused news with great writing, I always go with Curbed. To find out the latest news, The Real Deal is the best bet. And Crain’s is a great choice for the purely business-oriented perspective.

The problem is that if you’re not in one of the cities covered by these specific blogs, they will probably not be useful. So what are these best resources for real estate insights that aren’t geographically limited?

The Best Real Estate Blogs for General Information

  • Trulia.  Trulia is a major tool for real estate agents and clients alike. From resources to ‘find area’ pricing, this site is a full-time fledged marketing tool unto itself. But their blog is also a great resource; it’s perfect for finding topics that can easily be adapted to a specific market or used for SEO purposes.
  • Movoto.  This is the perfect source for in-depth neighborhood information on the national level. When you want to beef up your writing to that of a true local expert, this is an excellent resource.
  • Zillow.  Zillow is a widespread pricing tool that is even more popular than Trulia. And while it doesn’t have a useful blog, it provides access to forums that are frequented by local agents and can be used to answer highly-specific questions. A search of the forums will often show that the obscure information you’re looking for has already been asked about and answered.

Real Estate Law

In an ideal world, the real estate writers you hire will be familiar with legal matters. However, the law varies so much from place to place, so it’s great to know where to look to find the pertinent answers. In addition to the Zillow Forums, the National Association of Realtors offers forums and blogs that contain a trove of legal information. Also, every state has its own real estate board–a state-run government site that will always be the most accurate source for legal information.

Market Trends

If you’re looking for great examples of marketing-focused real estate writing, here a few great places to look.

  • Geek Estate Blog.  A simple straightforward blog that offers great real estate marketing tips from across the country.
  • Inman Next.  When your audience is real estate professionals, this blog is a key resource for the most innovative and up-to-date writing on real estate marketing.
  • Matrix. This blog is excellent for an in-depth take on marketing and market trends at the national level.

How to Find Local Real Estate Information

In real estate, the most useful information will often be locally based. To have a piece that feels authentic to a specific area, use sources that are specific to the market you are writing for. Try some of these:

  • The Local Paper.  The larger papers often have a dedicated real estate section, and even the smallest town papers are a great source for lifestyle pieces with an authentic local feel.
  • Hyperlocal Blogs.  Often, neighborhood blogs will have the inside scoop on real estate deals that are tiny from a national perspective but big news to the area.
  • Local Agents.  Check Facebook and Yelp reviews to make sure you’re following a respected agent; you can also browse blogs and social media to gather an insider’s perspective of how the local market works.

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