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The Benefits (and Freedom) of a Freelance Content Writer

Benefits of Freelance WritingVery few companies have a strong working-remote policy, worried that productivity and innovation will suffer when employees aren’t part of a company community. According to a white paper published by Microsoft:

Did you know that 62 percent of employees believe their productivity increases when they work remotely — away from typical office distractions? Yet, only 15 percent say their companies support remote working arrangements.

Over the years I have worked 5 days a week in an office, switched to working at home three days and in an office two, then worked solely from home. I have found that working from home is most productive when structured, innovation can be found if sought after, and goals will be met when deadlines are clearly defined.

The Benefits of Home

Good for the Environment – Less gas, less travel, less waste—of course working from home beats any other form of commuting to work and working from an office. Heating, plumbing and power aren’t needed in a second location when you work where you sleep.

Less Expensive – Saving money on gas, amenities and a corporate wardrobe are among the pricey factors of working in the office.

Less Stress – Many employees (38% according to Microsoft) find the home environment less stressful. Projects can be worked on during an employee’s most creative and productive hours, and household jobs can be accomplished as a break between tasks.

More Time with Family – Being able to spend more time in your own environment and with loved ones is a definite plus—I can take care of my baby girl during the day, for example, and easily write while she naps.

The Problem of Community

Multiple companies like Google and Facebook have agreed that employees are more productive at home, but they are worried about a lack of innovation when employees aren’t part of a company community.

Change It Up – Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean you need to stay at home every day. Taking a day to work in the office, at a coffee shop or in a favorite café for a few hours will give you a new change of scenery and add to your community experiences.

Surrounded By Inspiration – I change my surroundings based on what job I am working on. Removing any distractions will help you stay on task, but being inspired helps the process of creating unique work. I always have a cup of coffee nearby my workstation. The articles on my browser and the notes on my desk shift with each project.

Finding Community – With all kinds of social media sites and forums, you can find an online community that motivates and inspires you. I’ve been a part of weekly Twitter discussion forums held by freelancing peers, and WriterAccess has Writer Forums where I’ve even seen a Christmas Gift Exchange take place over the holidays. For community experiences that aren’t viral, there are groups you can seek out for local meetings on specific freelance industries (writers, photographers, etc.).

Freedom as a Freelance Content Writer

I work as a freelance ghostwriter and have found the experience wonderfully liberating. I’ve been able to work with the flexible schedule, stay-at-home autonomy and personally found creativity that many freelancers get to experience, but working for a content writing service site has also allowed me to side step the time-consuming work of drumming up clientele. They manage the clients, the billing and the promotional advertising—all the parts of freelancing that cut in to the actual creative work that any freelancer craves to focus on. I get paid for doing what I love.

Alethea M is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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