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The 411 on Ghostwriters

The term ghostwriter is a descriptive term used to designating a specific type of professional writer. Many of these writing experts are available for hire on platforms like WriterAccess. Although this form of writing can be a great way to subsidize an income or be a career in and of itself, ghostwriting is a somewhat misunderstood profession. If you are thinking of hiring a ghostwriter to help you complete your next content project, it behooves you to learn the 411 of ghosting, from the horse’s mouth:

The 411 on Ghostwriters: From A Ghost’s Perspective

What is a Ghostwriter?

Just to make sure we are all on the same page before getting into the meat of the content, it’s a good idea to properly define the term ghostwriting. A ghostwriter is a writer who produces content for another individual or company in exchange for monetary remuneration. The term ghost comes into play because said writer is not given recognition for their work. Their name is nowhere to be found, hence the term “ghost.” Usually, the name displayed as the writer will instead be the client’s who purchased the work from a ghostwriter. Read on to learn more about this profession…

Ghostwriters Are Often Not Published Authors

As a freelance writer, mostly working as a ghost writer, I have almost a decade of writing experience. This work has included a wide range of topics, styles, industries, platforms and the like. However, very few of the pieces I have created over this time have my name listed as the author. In fact, I would say less than a dozen clients have published my name with my work. Therefore, when you hire a ghostwriter, know ahead of time that their “experience” is often invisible. They also aren’t allowed to share sold content with you, so in some cases, you will have to take a writer’s word on the fact that they can handle a project. Evaluate them by their years in the industry and their knowledge of the topic, not necessarily their published works.

The Service Deserves Financial Compensation But Rates Can be Flexible

Just because ghostwriters aren’t New York Bestselling authors doesn’t mean they don’t deserve fair compensation for their work. In fact, because they don’t have the ability to claim their work or have their image and name tied to the content they are producing for you, they might deserve even more compensation. The adage “you get what you pay for” should be kept in mind when you seek a ghostwriter’s services. Yes, you might find a cheaper writer, with less experience, or whose first language isn’t English to write your content, but hiring a true professional ghostwriter, with the kind of experience you need, is worth the monetary investment.  That being said, though, don’t hesitate to ask a ghostwriter to work with you on price. I know, personally, if the project doesn’t require a great deal of research, if any, I am willing to work for less a word, than if it’s research heavy. Also, if you have consistent work you will send to me on a regular basis, I will often cut you a bit of a deal. After all, finding regular work can be difficult for any ghostwriter.

Ghostwriters Will Still Mess Up

Is there any profession you can think of where the people who perform said job are without error, day in and day out, hour by hour? You would most assuredly answer this question with a resounding NO! Ghostwriting is no different. Writers will occasionally have a typo slip their notice. They will have a sentence now and then that doesn’t flow well. It happens. Writers are human. It’s important to remember this fact when hiring one. Although they are very experienced in the art of literary composition, they are not infallible. As a good example, let me share one story from my experience. I remember an instance where I intended to write “pack snacks for your trip,” and instead typed “pack snakes for your trip.” It was a simple mistake that the grammar checkers I use didn’t flag, because “snakes” is still a word, just not the one I intended on using. This is just one humorous example of the types of things that can slip through the notice of even the most meticulous writer’s editing process. The client and I both enjoyed a good laugh over the incident.

Hiring a ghostwriter like those here at WriterAccess is a great way to procure well written, engaging and site enhancing content for your next project. Keep the above information in mind when hiring a ghostwriter, though, to ensure the best outcome possible. Contact us to hire a ghostwriter today.


Brandie P. understands the importance of high-quality copywriting. She presents her clients in the best of light and is committed to communicating both factual and informative content. Her clients appreciate her attention to detail and her propensity to double check stats and make sure what she is writing is in fact absolutely true. As a result, clients can rest assured that the content Brandie creates is both beneficial to her clients and serves their purposes perfectly.

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