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How Can I Become a Tech Writer?

While some freelance technology writers may be experts upon entering the field, there are some freelance writers who discover technology writing by accident. To be successful as a technology writer, you will need to find out what sources the experts use when looking for tech-related news or information.

Familiarize Yourself: 

Read the technology sections of well-respected newspapers like the New York Times. Familiarizing yourself with the style of professional technology writers, and the type of content that makes the news is essential. Take advantage of opportunities; don’t apply for casting calls for which you aren’t qualified, but when technology assignments are uploaded to the general pool, pick up an assignment. Stick to assignments that are straightforward, such as assignments about new Apple products, improvements to existing Apple products, Android products, the Android operating system, Windows, and specific items like smartphones or tablets. Write about a device you have so you can explore features on your own phone. Learn about the phone’s most appealing features.

Important Resources:

Some of the important resources you’ll go to regularly for information include the New York Times, CNET, CNN, CNBC, and the Wall Street Journal. Be on the lookout for reviews of products, announcements of new products, updates to existing products, or other news that may be relevant to the solvency or reputation of a technology company.

Keep Up With Tech News: 

Freelance technology writers should make a point of keeping up with important and newsworthy technology stories. Mobile devices are always big news, and the battle between iPhone and Android devices continues. Microsoft is launching a new operating system called Windows 8. It is designed to be compatible with all devices, including PCs, Windows smartphones and Windows-based tablets. Be sure you keep up with news that will be important to businesses. Mobile marketing is very big these days, so make a point of learning about all the different ways that mobile marketing can help businesses, both with their bottom line and in building their customer base.

Make Use of Social Networking Sites:

One of the biggest trends in technology today is social networking. Businesses are discovering how useful it is for attracting customers, and for building a solid base of loyal customers. If you can promote your writing through social media, you will connect with people in the industry. Self-promotion is also a good way to get noticed by businesses, people in the industry and other social networking users. When there is breaking news about anything, social media sites are often the first to broadcast it, so by paying attention to posts, you avoid a situation where you don’t find out about something until days after it made news. Make a point of keeping up with technology news by reading technology content in newspapers, watching news segments on television, and following technology blogs. You can also sign up to receive notices about important content from sources like the New York Times. By learning as much as possible about hot topics related to technology, you’ll have the knowledge to write about different aspects of the field with much greater authority.

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