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What Is Technical Writing? 6 Reasons To Invest In It

Content marketing is an essential component of successful marketing. In fact, 70% of B2B businesses plan on increasing their marketing budget in the upcoming year to produce even more content than before.

B2B businesses in particular can benefit from specialized technical writing.

Technical writing is an especially complex and niche type of content writing that helps companies expertly explain their business, products, and services to potential customers. However, not all businesses understand why this specialized type of writer is necessary to invest in.

Without a professional technical writer, it can be difficult to communicate to your audiences and explain your value.

What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is a type of content writing that simplifies complex ideas for layman’s audiences. A technical writer will take a high-level, intricate subject and transcribe that into everyday language that can be understood by the majority of entry-level readers.

This allows companies and teams to communicate complex information to audiences that would otherwise find it valuable but would struggle to understand it without translation.

For example, if your business operates in the medical or healthcare industry, you are often dealing with complex medical terminology and concepts. However, ordinary patients still need to know what those concepts mean when applied to their situation.

A technical writer can take a complex medical term and explain it in simple language, making it more accessible to most readers.

Popular Fields that Use Technical Writing

There are many industries and fields where technical writing is an important part of communication with customers. Some of the most popular fields include:

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer Goods
  • Chemistry
  • Robotics
  • Computer Software
  • Finance

Why Hire a Professional Technical Writer?

Hiring a professional technical writer can be a big help to businesses that operate in technical fields. While many of the people who work on your team are experts in your industry, they likely aren’t experts in technical writing.

When they try to create written content, they might struggle to find ways to communicate complex topics to audiences that don’t have the same knowledge sets.

With the help of a freelance technical writer, you can get the content you need from a professional who understands how to write well and what your business is all about. Here are a few of the top reasons to hire a professional.

1. They Have Time for Writing

Your team is likely busy with a wide array of important tasks. Taking the time to sit down and write for hours isn’t feasible for most teams, especially ones that work in technical industries.

A technical writer has a full-time dedication to content creation and won’t be distracted by other tasks and projects that take priority over writing. This will allow you to create a schedule for content that won’t be pushed aside as other tasks come up.

2. They Utilize a Specialized Skill Set

A technical writer has a very specialized skill set. Not all writers are able to take the complex and difficult subjects that your business deals with and turn them into great content.

Once you find a technical writer who has experience in your industry, it’s important to keep them around so you can rely on their unique skills for content creation. That’s why finding a professional is so important to maintaining the growth of your business.

3. They Understand Content Best Practices

While your internal team understands your business inside and out, they don’t know much about writing content. A technical writer knows the best practices for content and is a strong writer.

They know how to create sentence structures, craft grammatically-correct paragraphs, and write content that gets read. These communication and writing skills are often lacking in business teams.

4. They Know About Digital Channels

Great content isn’t just about an interesting subject. In order for readers to discover your content, you need to distribute it among the right channels. A technical writer will know SEO best practices and ideal marketing and distribution channels for your industry.

Part of their skill set is helping your content get discovered and showcased to the right people. Freelancers, in particular, are familiar with what channels work for different industries and what headlines, images, and structures are best for getting your content viewed by the most people possible.

5. They Are Able to Remove Themselves from Details

When you are involved with something every day, it can be hard to remove yourself from it and gain a fresh perspective.

A technical writer is able to look at complex subjects from a layman’s perspective. Then they can take that subject and break it down into what someone who isn’t an expert in your field needs to know.

This fresh perspective can help you communicate clearly to potential customers and readers.

6. They Support Your Marketing Goals

A freelance technical writer is an extension of your marketing team. They work to support and supplement your goals and have the skills to back you up.

A freelance technical writer also knows how to manage your projects and provide feedback. Once you have a strong working relationship with a freelancer, they can become a part of your team for years without requiring the resources of a full-time, internal employee.


Hiring a technical writer can go a long way in making your business more accessible. Having someone on hand who can translate complex topics into simple language helps you create valuable content for a wider audience.

A freelance technical writer can reduce the strain on resources within your team.

At WriterAccess, we can help you with your technical content production. Our pool of talented technical writers has experts in every industry, including yours.

To learn more and start finding the technical writer your team needs, visit WriterAccess for a free 14-day trial of our services.

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