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Targeting New Demographics With Your Content

new demographics

Content marketing is a complex combination of information used to appeal to certain people at certain times in hopes of raising their awareness or desire toward a brand. Once a demographic is identified and you get into a good content production groove for that group, if may feel like smooth sailing for a while. However, if the content just is not producing the results that you had in mind, or results have begun to decline, it may be time to tap into a new demographic. Here are a few tips on how to target new demographics with your content.

Do Your Homework

Demographics require research. You need to know what your group likes, what is important to them, what they are concerned about, and their collective history (based on age what was hot or important when they were teens or small children collectively). One of the most important factors is where are they now in their life? There is a different way to appeal to each gender in each phase of life and the collective is pretty accurate for marketing purposes.

Collect New Writers

If you use a writing service and buy articles to supply your content needs, you will need to consider if the writers you have been working with will be able to appeal to the new demographic you are now concerned with. If the answer is no, then you should consider hiring a new writer, or at least adding a new writer to your team who has more experience in targeting that particular group. Content writers are pretty versatile creatures, but some excel in areas that others do not. To create the best, most relevant content, you want writers who are familiar with the topic and have had experience producing what you need.

Go to the People

If you are using social media networks or other digital platforms to raise awareness for your content and your brand, keep in mind that not everyone socializes the same way. To simply say, “Everyone is on Facebook” is a huge generalization that could stop you from reaching your new demographic. Research to find out which groups seem to use which platforms the most and then reach out to them where they are.


While you are experimenting with a new demographic it might be a good time to also experiment with new marketing techniques. If you have never used video in your marketing endeavors, maybe now is the time. What about B2C emailing? Your content writing team can help you with video scripts, email drafting, and much more to help you reach your new demographics.

Sarah R is a content developer and freelance author as well as a single homeschool mother. When she is not creating great content for her clients, she is lost in a world of construction paper, glue, fractions, and sentence diagrams.

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