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Take Advantage of a Holiday Internet Weakness

The holiday season is the bane of every marketer and advertiser. With the identification that the cyber customer is now a major player in holiday retail sales, every means possible is being used to bombard customers’ and consumers’ email accounts with Black Friday advertising, Christmas sales, New Year’s blowouts and more. And just like the Presidential elections, people are tuning out to the babble, hoping for January when it all quiets down again. That’s a marketer’s worst nightmare. A tune out means complete shut off of any messaging through email blasts.

Fortunately, people still have and want to use the internet. With the flood of email babble hitting the wires, folks shift their attention predominantly to targeted searching for what they are looking for, rather than waiting for someone to advertise it to them. This is where search engine ranking and quality, targeted SEO for the season really comes into play.

Most business websites have been putting a lot of resources on social media and email blasting for time and season specific messaging. However, when people actively search for something on the internet, they go to a website, not a social media account or twitter hash feed. Unfortunately, web sites don’t take much of a high priority during the holiday seasons. Instead, too much reliance is put on highly fluctuating tools while the SEO on the website itself, where people actually connect and buy, stays static and unchanging. A huge opportunity to cut through the holiday babble is missed here by many a marketer.

As many SEO copywriters already know, embedding SEO is a fairly easy task. However, writing good, eye-catching content involves more of a challenge. Yet both SEO and content can be very powerful when hooking consumers into a business’ web page during the holiday seasons. By using the fact that email is glutted by too much advertising, the usually static website can be amped up with specific SEO-tagging unique to what consumers will be looking for during the holiday season. That wording and content can start capturing folks still looking for product and services through search engines versus the usual email-response linking.

Using SEO analytics via Google or similar resources, especially historical records from previous holiday seasons, an SEO copywriter can quickly find what search terms have been used by consumers during various periods specific to industries and product types. That then gives a business client the keys to targeted holiday SEO that can be used to replace the normally static website text and content. Combine the website changes with a good dose of general marketing to boost awareness of the new presence, and the search rankings and visits will start to click. Now the business will start to see a lot of the traffic that would otherwise have been lost on social media efforts, and email blasts quickly diverted to spam and garbage folders on computers.

Good business functions by making profits. Smart businesses win by building a better mousetrap or, in this case, a better SEO attraction.

Tom L is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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