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Sunday Trends 9/15/19

Good morning, weekend! This week’s special edition of Thursday Trends is coming to you Sunday morning, complete with cartoons, cereal, and pajamas. Let’s talk about using video and technology to create memorable audience experience, just like the ones you had Sunday mornings as a kid. Plus, we’ll look at the team and distribution plan you need to make your content strategy happen — any day or time of the week.

Don’t touch change the channel! We’ll be right back with more of your favorite content marketing trends!

Sunday Morning with Cereal Was an Experience. Can You Say the Same for Your Content?

Ten Content Marketing Hacks to Drive a Better Customer Experience via Forbes

If you’re still only content marketing in 2019, then you’re about to fall behind the pack. Content, even if it’s good, is still just good content. And that’s great, but it’s only really excellent if it’s also an experience. What’s the difference, you ask?

Check out this article from Forbes to learn all about experiential marketing and how you can turn your dull, everyday, school morning content into an audience-exciting experience à la Sunday morning.

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Part of a Complete Breakfast: Who’s on Your Content Marketing Team?

Your Content Marketing Team: What Should It Look Like in 2020? via WriterAccess

You wouldn’t eat a bowl of cereal without a glass of milk, a cup of juice, a toast, and a piece of fruit like they did in the commercials, would you? So, you wouldn’t have a chief content officer without a team or a writer without a strategist or an editor without a technology director, either.

This WriterAccess articles outlines everyone you need on your content marketing team in order to consider your team — and your content strategy — complete.

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Wake Up Your Audience

How to Create a Better Distribution Plan to Get Your Content Seen via Content Marketing Institute

Genius cartoon distribution planning got us out of bed early on the weekends to crunch bowls of cereal, while we watched it in ads, and left us time to play outside in the afternoon. Could your content distribution plan get kids out of bed without an alarm? What about adults?

Without smart scheduling and distribution, no one will see your content. Take a look at these ideas from Content Marketing Institute to devise a weekend-worthy content distribution plan that’ll wake up your audience and keep them wanting more.

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Be More Like the Flintstones and the Jetsons

Drive Your Content Marketing with These 3 Video Creation Platforms via Business 2 Community

What do the Flintstones and the Jetsons have in common? They’re both in video format, and they were well-loved! Take a page from Sunday morning cartoons’ book and incorporate video in your content strategy.

If that sounds too challenging or technically difficult, take a look at this article from Business 2 Community. It’ll direct you to three platforms where you can easily create video content that’ll captivate your audience from the first bite to the last sip of sugary, pink cereal milk.

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Get the Sky-High Ratings Your Content Deserves

Why Technology Is Powering the Content Marketing Business via IT Pro Portal

Cartoons got the ratings, and your content can too! With the right technology strategies and analytical tools in place, you’ll be able to make your content marketing numbers soar.

If you’re intimidated by the idea of using technology to inspire your content, take a look at this article from IT Pro Portal to find out exactly why and how technology’s driving content marketing in business.

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Jennifer G is a full-time freelance writer and editor with a B.A. in creative writing from the University of Montana. She enjoys researching and writing creative content to engage readers and developing professional voices for clients across all industries. She specializes in medical, health, veterinary, and financial writing. Having worked nearly thirteen years in finance, Jennifer applies her experience in the banking industry (marketing, social media management, consumer and commercial lending, customer service, accounts, and bookkeeping) to her writing work within the industry.


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