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Sunday Stats (This Week With Awards!)

Welcome to weekly stats! Where we tell you what’s going on, statistically speaking, here at WriterAccess.

We looked at which states had the most writer applications and which had the most writer log ins in 2013.

States with the most applications in 2013:

  1. Florida  183
  2. California 148
  3. Texas  145
  4. Pennsylvania  97
  5. New York  86
  6. Georgia  83
  7. North Carolina   72
  8. Massachusetts   69
  9. Virginia    66
  10. Colorado   62

States with the most log ins in 2013:

  1. California  41225
  2. Texas  38056
  3. Florida  33442
  4. Ohio  30789
  5. North Carolina   29608
  6. Pennsylvania   29549
  7. New York   22509
  8. Illinois   22104
  9. Georgia   20963
  10. Massachusetts   20740

And what do we do with important information like this?

We give out awards! (Naturally)

So, in my subjective way of calculating awards, I have decided that the medal count will stand as follows:

Gold goes to California! (For being in 1st and 2nd place on the two lists)

Silver goes to Florida! (For coming in 1st and 3rd)

Bronze goes to Texas! (For coming in 2nd and 3rd)

Interview with the winners

Me: “How does it feel to win an award for a competition you didn’t even know you were in?”

California: “Well if there’s one thing we know, it’s how to accept an award…”


Florida: (Not impressed with the silver)




Well, there you have it folks.

Keep up the great work, states!


Charlotte Garden is in charge of all the blog content at WriterAccess. She’s a blogger by trade, a Gemini by birth, and frequently peppers references from 80s movies throughout her posts for her own amusement.

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