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Sunday Stats (Alternate Title: If Nat Geo Did a Special On the Elusive Freelance Writer)


So, when you log in to WriterAccess as a writer, it sends us all sorts of interesting information about how you interact with our site. We use these stats to make the site better for you.

What have we learned so far? Well, read the following in your best National Geographic narrator voice:

The elusive freelance writer (Scribus Freelancerus) is a fascinating creature. Avoider of captivity, master of disguise and grammar, the freelance writer has been mystifying scientists (and programmers) for years.

Studying them in their natural habitat has proven difficult, as they tend to stay in their dens. But they have been known to venture to nearby watering holes called “coffee shops” when their wifi is down or caffeine stash is depleted.

A baffling breed, studies have been inconclusive on their natural sleep rhythms. Unlike the rest of their species who slumbers regularly, many freelance writers appear to be nocturnal–working late into the night, drawn in by the serene bluish glow of their monitors.

In fact, scientists have determined that it is this very glow, rather than the sun, that can serve as their primary light source when deadlines are looming and massive amounts of work must be accomplished in an impossibly short period of time.

What scientists can also tell you about the freelance writer and their interaction with WriterAccess is fascinating. In 2013 alone the following information was brought to light:

Writers logged in to the site 542,064 times.

They spent an average of 17:43 minutes logged in at a time.

They visited an average of 15.29 pages per visit.

There were 130,015 writer visits from bookmarked links.

2,730 writers looked at the blog while logged in.

And finally, 11,568 writer visits from social media.

While there is still much to be learned from studying these creatures, scientists agree they are among the most dedicated, hardworking and creative of their species.

Tune in next week when we follow a herd of elephants.

(Ok, you can turn off your Nat Geo narrator voice now.)

(Or don’t. Your call.)


Charlotte Garden is in charge of all the blog content at WriterAccess. She’s a blogger by trade, a Gemini by birth, and frequently peppers references from 80s movies throughout her posts for her own amusement.

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