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Stuff Your Turkey, Not Your Keywords

stuff your turkey

As soon as Halloween is over, perhaps even before all of the candy is eaten, your mind probably immediately turns towards Thanksgiving. Whether you are hosting a huge family gathering or just cooking a small, intimate meal for a few loved ones, chances are you are planning to stuff a Turkey (or perhaps you’re going for a Tofurkey this year; they can be delicious with the right stuffing too)! Choosing just the right breadcrumbs, seasonings, vegetables and other ingredients and cramming as much as you can inside your Thanksgiving bird is a delicious tradition that always seems to succeed. However, there is another type of stuffing that isn’t such a good idea—keyword stuffing. Whether you do it all yourself or take advantage of web content writing freelance services to create your documents, find out why keyword stuffing something you should avoid (almost as much as you should avoid that weird green casserole your Aunt Velma always brings to dinner)!

  • Google Penalizes Keyword Stuffing – The biggest reason to avoid stuffing in those keywords? Google doesn’t like it. Yes, back in “the day”, you might have built some traction on the search engines by stuffing in keywords (even ones that didn’t have anything to do with the topic of your website). However, now there have been algorithms put into place that prevent you from manipulating the system in this manner.
  • It Makes Your Site Look “Spammy” – When a real, live customer comes to your website and actually takes the time to read your content, they want to see that content written by real people. That means instead of including the phrase “best plumber New Hampshire” eight times, that perhaps you simply say you are the “best plumber in New Hampshire—ONCE. Your site looks better and you build credibility.
  • Keyword Stuffing Attracts the Wrong Visitors – Do you want visitors or do you want leads/customers. Yes, I could fill this article with dozens of references to sex, drugs and rock & roll and probably get a bit of interest on certain web searches. But would people who search for these things be interested in keywords or web content writing? No.

Now that you know why keyword stuffing is a big no-no, you can give thanks this holiday for the fact that you no longer have to cram dozens and dozens of long, awkward keyword phrases in every piece of content you write. That happy thought and a nice slice of pumpkin pie sounds like a great way to wind down after your Turkey Day dinner!

tracy szwec writerMy Bio – Tracy S is is a freelance writer who specializes in home improvement, construction, and real estate topics. She also enjoys finding yard sale treasures, playing pool and going on adventures.

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