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Stuck Creating New Content? Why Not Evolve Your Old Content Into Something New

evolve old content into something new

Like fashion and cars, hair styles and interior design, everything around you is continually evolving. Yet despite all of the changing and adapting going on, often times what’s old ends up becoming new again. At least new with a twist.

Classic car looks are modernized in current renditions. Fashion is continually recycling older color schemes with a new-age fit. Even classic cocktails like a Manhattan or Negroni come back to life and regain popularity. The same is true with content.

Chances are you’ve had at least some success with previous blog posts. You may be sitting on nuggets of gold and not even realize it. You just need to evolve your old content into something new current readers are interested in. So here are some tips and tricks for taking what’s old and making it new.

Update Outdated Information

Using dates and statistics is one of the best ways to demonstrate a sound idea. Whether you’re trying to show the importance of Instagram on a blog post or illustrate the importance of not talking on a cell phone while driving, statistics and information constantly changes.

So if your blog post is a few years old, your information will be completely out of date and no longer reinvent.

One of the best ways to breathe new life into your content marketing is to update the outdated information. You can bring in new illustrations and new backlinks. This way you don’t need to completely reinvent the wheel. You just need to smooth it out a bit.

Speaking Of New Media

Add more of it! Pictures and video are more important now than ever before. Chances are, that held true a few years ago, but still true today. Visitors to your website and viewers of your blog want information, and they want information right away!

Once they discover you have quality content to share then they will be more likely to read your blog. However, provide them with nuggets of info through media.

Thankfully, as Internet speeds are faster now than when you initially created the blog you can include more pictures and imbed more video. Just make sure to properly format your images. Last thing you want is to drag down your search engine optimization performance because your website load time is bogged down under the visuals.

More White Space

White space is a must. If you haven’t noticed, some of the most successful blogs limit paragraphs to two, maybe three paragraphs. Why? Because blocks of text make it difficult to scan. It’s also easier to read small chunks, take a brake, then come back and read more.

If everything is just one block of text it’ll be hard to maintain your viewer’s attention. The modern Internet user’s attention span is shorter than a goldfish. So keep that in mind when updating your content.

Check Those Links

Over time websites grow up. Some evolve. Others die. It’s just the way of life online. And the problem with that is if you are connected to a dead website you will have a dead link.

A dead link slows down your load time. It also hinders your search engine optimization. So as you’re refreshing your website, check your website links while you’re at it. If the link is dead, remove it or replace it. Whatever you do, don’t leave it as is.

Add More Information

If your blog has been around for a while chances are some readers will remember the older post. There’s nothing wrong with that. You just need to give them some more information to chew on. So feel free to plump up that blog page with new insights and added details.

It will help evolve your old content into something new.

What Was Old Can Again Be New

Creating new content is important in growing your brand and reaching new clients. However, that doesn’t mean you need to toss out old material that once worked for your content marketing. All you need to do is follow these tips to rejuvenate your old content and turn it into something new.

However, if you need help creating new content, or you’re not sure how to reinvent previously released blog posts, our team here at WriterAccess is ready to help. So feel free to reach out to our team of experts at any point. We’d love to help you pump new life into your content marketing and evolve your online outreach.


Greyson F has been writing professionally for over a decade with work featured by publications such as USA Today, The New York Times, Yahoo, and others. Greyson greatly enjoys traveling the world, ranging from driving all of Route 66 to exploring South America, Australia and Asia. Usually while traveling he works on short narrative pieces for his own personal collection.

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