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Stretch Your Budget with Freelance Writers

Stretch Your Company's BudgetThe ability to effectively control the operating budget of your business ultimately determines if your business succeeds or fails. Inadequate budgeting is a leading cause of financial difficulties for many companies. Full-time staffing costs are often a major part of a company’s overall budget. Controlling the cost of your company’s full-time staffing budget can give your business a significant edge on your competitors.

A simple way of controlling the costs associated with hiring permanent staff is to utilize independent contractors, often called freelancers, for your writing projects. There are many benefits to hiring freelance writers, but the main reason that so many companies choose to hire these types of freelancers is that it saves the companies money.

How can freelancers free up money in your company?

The short answer to this question is that the use of freelance content writers allow a company to easily link their staffing level to the amount of work that needs to be accomplished—no need to play anymore guessing games about how many writers you’ll require down the road.

In the conventional method of employing in-house staff writers, there will be time periods of natural lulls and others of frenetic activity. The amount of writing work is simply not consistent. Often companies wind up paying their in-house writers to sit at their desk, bored stiff from lack of work. At other times these companies must pay overtime to the same writers when the amount of writing increases. It makes no sense.

Hiring freelance writers not only saves company salaries, but as freelancers are not considered full-time employees, companies can also save the money previously spent on providing benefits along with the other costs associated with a full-time writing staff. Eliminating the need to spend extra money on health insurance, Social Security, Medicare and unemployment insurance for independent contractors means that you can have more money in your budget for writing projects.

Knowing that your company’s financial commitment to a freelance writer is only limited to a single writing project, you will have the confidence to explore a variety of freelance writers to find one whose voice fits perfectly with your company. Choose the type of writer you need for the job; whether it is a blog, marketing or press release writer.

How to protect yourself while finding the perfect freelancer writers online

The benefits of hiring freelance writers for your company can be huge, but it is crucial that you protect yourself from even the smallest problem. The smallest issues have a tendency to build into larger ones. This is especially true in work-for-hire situations were you don’t have day-to-day contact. It is essential to have a contingency plan when things inevitably go pear-shaped. A good contract is essential.

You can have your legal department draw up a independent contractor contract or you can use one of the web content services online. These web content providers are experts at providing companies with the online content they need. A quality web content service will be able to guide your company in selecting the best freelance writers while protecting you and your company.

Jared B is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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