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Stay In Touch with Your Customers: Why You Should Hire a Blogger for Your Business Website


Blogs are an important aspect of any business that relies on it’s website — and these days, most businesses need a website of some kind. The point of a blog is to give your business a personality, allowing it to be more than a faceless company that people go to for goods and services. The blog communicates this through each entry, giving a voice to the brand of the business itself, engaging customers who read it and allowing them to make a deeper, more personal connection to your business. However, writing an engaging, entertaining blog that people will actually take the time to read in this increasingly fast-paced world is tough to do on a consistent basis. Therefore it may make more sense to hire a blogger to allow you to better communicate with your customers for the reasons listed below.

You Won’t Have the Time

You may be a great writer when you can really sit down and focus, but you’re also trying to run your business. The chances of you being able to sit down on a consistent basis and churn out an entertaining blog for readers is probably slim. Sure, you’ll be able to come up with a few posts here and there that will be exactly what you and your readers want and properly represents your company, but there will also be weeks where this doesn’t happen. And, when it comes to reading a blog, inconsistency is a kiss of death: people will tune out and maybe never tune back in. A blogger will keep this from happening.

Bloggers Are Trained to be Entertaining

Someone who has been a blogger in the past and has survived blogging knows how to keep blogs short and sweet, but also entertaining and to the point. They have a lot of experience fashioning different blogs to be different things and, assuming you hire the right one for your business, can do the same with your company blog. Obviously, you will want to vet bloggers you are considering hiring by reading a wide variety of their blog posts, making sure their work is engaging, but also gets the point across.

They Will Give a Fresh Perspective on Your Brand

A blogger who doesn’t own or work within the company will come in with a fresh, positive perspective on your brand. This is often perfect for a company, as those on the inside will have a much different view on how the company is seen by customers. Like marketers, a blogger will accentuate the positive and highlight aspects of the company that might be missed by those immersed in the business, itself.

Among many other things, Eli K has been writing content for nearly two decades. He prides himself on being able to write just about anything, from blogs to content to creative work.

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