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Starting Up Your Startup: Hire a Freelance Writer

Starting Up Your StartupIf success could be quantified the way that physical presence is, the difference between small businesses and large corporations would be easy to spot. Small businesses aren’t encumbered by many of the requirements and expectations of their larger counterparts, and can take “risks” such as unusual promotions, attention grabs aimed at media exposure and far more in-depth connections and conversations with their customer base. Individual freelance writers march to the beat of the same drum, forging their way in the industry by stepping off the path and tromping down a new one.

Your Website Content Won’t Be Small Forever

When success hits, it tends to shove your plans forward like a freight train. As to-do lists grow along with your business, the time investment needed for tasks like product descriptions or “about us” pages on a website might not be so feasible as it was months ago. Cutting corners on these in the beginning will leave a mess that you might not get back to, dragging down your business’ image in the process. A solid freelance copywriting service is the business world’s answer to “A stitch in time saves time.” With the proper foundation of copy built, your company’s expansion will rest on a solid background – no embarrassing typos in your origin story or slapdash descriptions to worry about as you’re waist-deep in searching out new wholesale providers or client lists. Need to expand or even legitimize your business on paper for loans and other endeavors? Better hire a writer! Caron Beesely , of, cites the need for a written business plan as the very first step any new small business should take.

A Lean, Hungry Team of Website Content Providers

Partnering with a freelancer over a corporation is an excellent decision for a small business, as the copywriter they choose is more likely to be open to big ideas and bold statements. While a skilled writer can still remain perfectly conservative if the client prefers, the natural tendency to think slightly left of the norm is an attitude that has helped many small businesses leave their more firmly-rooted rivals in the dust. As even small niches find themselves becoming crowded, finding a unique voice early in their journey is the common thread found in companies on their way up the ladder. Developing that voice is often as simple as finding the right freelancer and recruiting them for your cause.

Versatility Down the Road

When you decide to hire a writer, you aren’t simply getting the piece or project in question, you’re gaining a valuable and versatile business contact that will come in handy later. As your business grows and you find yourself needing to hire a blog writer or social media writer, your contact list will have a built-in expert that can likely provide those pieces for you – no hunting required.

No matter how you decide to work with a freelance writer, you’ll be getting a boost for your business’ image, legitimacy and position in the marketplace. Together, you and your writer will form an unstoppable team that will help your endeavor rise above your competitors.

Delany M is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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