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Standing Out in a Sea of Content


Every day, thousands of companies drop thousands of lines to business writers, fishing for customers while creating a veritable sea of information. They cast their lines again and again, hoping to catch the big one — or even just several good-sized keepers. For the most part, though, the majority of the pieces created are generic or regurgitated information that has been worked over — and overworked. This leaves customers with no choice but to go on their own fishing expedition, wading through the unexceptional, hoping to be moved and inspired. You’ve chosen your writer; this is how you stand out, shining brighter than the rest.

Create Content That Causes a Stir

When working with your writer, don’t request the unexceptional, go for the gusto! Controversy gets people reading — and sharing. Quirky angles on overused keywords breathe new life into tired content. This world is getting more competitive by the second. You can’t afford to play it safe anymore. If you want your content to stand out, you have to stir up something inside the reader. Give them a good belly laugh, make them madder than a wet hen, bring tears to their eyes; you want your content to make them to feel something. Then it becomes more than just words on a page — it becomes an experience.

Give ‘em Something to Look At

Content with graphics gets shared far more than content sans photos — no matter how stellar the content is. Find relevant photos and graphics that are visually appealing and tell a story. Stock photos are OK, but original photos that speak to the reader will draw them further into the piece. Photos are a huge draw. If you want to know more about posting photos on your website, check out The Professional Blogger’s Guide to Optimizing Images.

Think Outside the Box. Better Yet, Forget There Is a Box

Step out of your comfort zone. Climb out of the box — crush it, stomp on it, throw it away! Look for creative angles to old keywords and topics. Find the unusual, off beat slants for your content. You don’t want to deliver the same old information in the same old package. Give old niches new life by thinking outside of that musty, old, constricting box and finding the unusual, interesting side to the topics. Find imaginative, highly creative business writers to spin delightful prose that delivers. Then kiss that box good bye.

Don’t be afraid to get feedback from your writer. Ask for topic ideas, but make sure, when you are ready to move forward with those ideas, that you return to that writer. Not only is this fair, it is a smart move on your part because if they came up with the topic, they likely already have an outline and creative ideas to bring it to life.

The sea is vast and it’s easy to get lost beneath the waves of words piled on words that never move a heart or set a mind to ponder the messages floating past. The content population explosion is in full swing. It is time to get smart, get creative, and get busy, if you are going to stand out.

Stephanie M can turn out lovely lines of prose that will cause you to ponder the mysteries of the universe, bring you to tears, and cause you to rethink your entire position on the meaning of life. And if it’s content you need, she’s your gal, delivering polish, depth and quality – Every. Single. Time.

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