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Spring Content Marketing Strategies

tulipsContent marketing has much to do with what is trending, and things tend to trend and then fade pretty quickly in the internet landscape. That is why it is wise to keep a pretty tight grip on “what’s trending” research. You may not realize how some of these trends can easily work into your own marketing plans this spring.


You might be thinking, “Hey, this is not fashion. Colors have nothing to do with it!” Wrong. Colors have everything to do with it. Women, most especially, and many men as well are very color oriented. Many aspects of their online searches for fashions, home décor or accessories are greatly influenced by color. The colors that are trending for spring 2015 will influence these industries, but what in the world does that have to do with your content marketing if you are not in the fashion or home interiors industry?

Consider this; most likely your potential audience has already been well exposed to these colors in the last few weeks in the store, on Pintrest, and anywhere they are doing online fashion or home shopping. So when your content comes packaged in these familiar, popular and desirable colors it makes it much more appealing.

Trending colors can be incorporated into infographics, email marketing, website design, social media content, and any of the other ways you choose to amplify content. If you will be using any color, make sure you are using color that is trending right now in the fashion and home interiors industry. Check out the Pantone Color Report for 2015 to learn more.

Use the News

People like for their worlds to feel connected. You can use this in your content marketing strategies by subtly incorporating relevant info from the news into your content or simply referencing something that is trending in the news as an attention hook. It does not have to be a serious news story, in fact if you would prefer to keep it more lighthearted you can peruse celebrity news updates. There are lots of themes that can be latched onto; the latest upcoming movie or music awards, the birth of royal babies, anything Kardashian. Well, maybe not the Kardashians, depends on your audience.

Movie Releases

This is another way of connecting the dots that are already established in the minds of your audience. Movie advertising knows how to saturate society with their message. The trailers are on television, the stars’ faces are splattered on cups at your favorite fast food restaurant, and your kid’s cereal boxes. The nightly news and entertainment shows will remind us over and over which new movies are coming up.

When you subtly incorporate upcoming movie release references into your content you immediately engage your audience by reminding them of something they are already familiar with. It only takes a moment of engagement to accomplish your goal. This spring Cinderella and the newest installment of The Avengers prove to be heavy on the minds of movie audiences and will be on the minds of your audience as well. If you are not sure what’s hot then keep a check on The Internet Movie Database ( to stay up to date.

Sarah R is a full time writer and full time homeschooling mother of four. She would like to be a part time lazy person eventually.

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