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Spooky Ghostwriting Stories: The Man in the Corner

What started as an ordinary day turned out to be a day that still sends shivers down my spine when I think about it.

It was in the early fall of 2015, and one of the final days in my family’s first home: a small, 1,100-square-foot house in metro Detroit that my then 2-and-a-half and 1-year-old sons, my wife, and I had come to outgrow. The house had already been sold, and we were readying to close on our next home. In the meantime, we continued living there and went about business as usual.

For me, this consisted of daily writing for various clients in a small office room just off of the family room, which allowed me to work and still keep an eye on my kids whenever Mom wasn’t around. That’s when things got creepy for this ghostwriter.

“Hey Dad,” my oldest son, Nolan, said as he entered my office, extending a snack bowl. “Can I have some more pretzels?”

“Sure,” I started. “Just let me finish up this paragraph, and I’ll get them, buddy.”

Nolan stood next to my desk, patiently waiting for me to reach a stopping point. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed his gaze become fixated on something. I didn’t pay much attention to it at first, thinking it was just a bird or squirrel he saw out the window.

“Hey, Dad,” he said. “Who’s that guy?”

I turned around to look where he was facing. There was nothing there. “What guy? Buddy, nobody is there.”

“That guy,” he said, insistently pointing to the corner. “He’s waving at me.”

Again, nothing there. Creeped out, I hurried out of the room to retrieve Nolan’s snack and asked him to follow. I had him come back with me to the office and asked him if the guy was still there.

“Nope, he must have gone home,” Nolan answered.

Though it was the only odd experience we had in that house, I wasn’t sad to move a few weeks later.

About the author

In a career spanning more than 15 years, Scott C has experience writing for a variety of mediums. He started in sports writing, which is still his favorite type of writing, and then moved on to hard news and feature writing while working for a community newspaper. He also has experience in technical and automotive topics and has an ability to take complex subjects and write them in a way that is understandable and engaging. 

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