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Social Media Content Strategies for Retailers

retailersContent marketing has become one of the top ways that companies connect with prospects and customers on the Internet. After your marketing writing team creates your content and posts it on your blog, website or other platforms, how you follow up with social media marketing? What techniques and strategies do you employ to engage people on various marketing channels? The social media sites range in demographics, and preferred content. There is no simple formula to reach out and draw customers in. Each social media site has a different vibe, and your target market has preferred methods of communication. What strategies will work on social media channels?

Strategies for Retailers

Retailers want prospects and customers to take a specific action from their marketing. Depending on the industry, price point and product size, you need to figure out which action you want a customer to take, and what strategies you need to get your prospect to that point. While there is certainly overlap from industry to industry, your company needs to develop and borrow strategies that will work for you.

Brick and Mortar

Brick and mortar stores are interested in literally inviting their customers into their local shops. Their primarily goal is to find a way to use social media channels to drive this business. There are many strategies which can be adapted to social media for this purpose.

One such strategy involves starting a game or contest on social media that has to be finished in the store. Examples can be a scavenger hunt, survey with reward row or a special offer. Using tracking software you can determine which method is most successful. Using limited time offers such as “today only” or “come in from 2 to 4 PM” gives urgency to the call-to-action.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are very popular as an inbound marketing tool because you can narrow your target very specifically using Facebook tools. Since Facebook appeals to a wide range of people, most industries can find their target audience there. If you are selling products, a best practice to is to show your product image, and pre-qualify your leads by displaying pricing, order restrictions and stock availability on the ad itself for a higher ROI and lower cost per click.

Channel Requirements

Part of your content strategy needs to consist of ideal content for each channel. For instance, you need to know the content requirements, image sizes and text character allotments and then make them work for you. Additionally, you need to pay attention to what is preferred on each channel and who spend their time there. For instance, Pinterest ads work best with a vertical image that fits on the Pinterest boards properly.

Know Your Market

If your market is steampunk cosplayers, then you should research who they are, why they like to behave this way and where to find them at specific times of day. As a retailer, knowing your customer is the highest priority. Once you know the customer, you will be able to figure out what they need from you.


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