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Social Media and the Content Writer

Social media influences every sphere in the online world and content writing is no different. Every content writer writes with a purpose of capturing an audience anxiously awaiting their words. Conquering social media is not just about getting lucky. A good writer knows how to produce content that becomes a hot social media property.

There is no silver bullet or magic formula to turn a content writer into a social media superstar. Creating enough buzz for your content involves applying some common-sense principles to your writing and promotion of your work.

1. Create a conversation

One area where social media networks have acted as a game changer is in stimulating conversation. The presence of Facebook, Twitter, Google + and multiple bookmarking sites forces writers to write to real people instead of churning out content merely to meet the specifications of a search engine algorithm.

Interacting with the online community means bringing your readers inside your article. You need to pique their interest and stimulate their minds. Get rid of the boring talking points that do nothing beyond padding your content. Treat your reader as if they are sitting in the same room and you are speaking face-to-face with them. When your content creates that feeling of connection on a personal level, readers will embrace it with enthusiasm.

2. Find out what’s buzzing

If you want to be a content writer who is at the top of their game, you need to be plugged in to what is going on in the social media world. Pay attention to current trends. What are hot topics? What are people talking about? More importantly, ask yourself what you can contribute to the conversation. If a new angle or new perspective has not been covered, it offers a perfect opportunity to join in and grab attention with your content.

3. Create relevant content

The no. 1 rule for any type of writing – know your audience. Your writing needs to be targeted to the people who will find it useful. Creating content relevant to their lives is a vehicle for promoting that content.

People who find an article relevant are likely to share links to that articles with family and friends connected to them through their social media networks. If those people also like your content and find it relevant, they will spread it to other people. That’s exactly what you want as a writer. You should always write content designed to be shared.

4. Stand apart from the crowd

Content creates a social media buzz when it brings something fresh to the conversation. Boring and unoriginal writing is soon forgotten. Share a unique perspective on a topic and you will be rewarded for your efforts. How do you do this? By becoming a resource on the topic at hand.

Never shy away from digging deeper. Ask real questions and give real answers. Make efforts to include key details not found elsewhere and your content is primed to become social media friendly. It will emerge from the pack to be bookmarked and linked like any good social media content.

John C is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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