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So You’ve Heard of Ello…But What About Stage 32?


Stage 32 sounds an awful lot like Studio 54…minus Andy Warhol, the 1970s, and Quaaludes. As with all great social networking sites, which certainly included Studio 54 back in the day of disco, Stage 32 provides a place for online socializing. However, Stage 32 isn’t just another Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or even Ello. Stage 32 is all things screenwriting from film to television to theater. Here creative folk congregate to share tips, take online courses, and to look for jobs in the biz. How can Stage 32 benefit your freelance writers website?

Want Work in the Biz?

If you are looking for a way to get into show-business as a writer, start a profile on Stage 32. You can post your resume, loglines, headshots if applicable, and samples of your scriptwriting expertise. Put yourself on a pedestal as you present your freelance capabilities. Stage 32 is a hotspot for those in the industry, ranging from actors to directors to fellow scriptwriters. In addition to cooking up some connections that will help you meet the right person for that foot in the door, you can check out your competition. As Stage 32 has approximately 325,000 members and has been around since 2011, there are plenty of opportunities to be discovered.

Writers Rejoice with Happy Writer Labs

Do you want to improve your scriptwriting opportunities? Check out the Happy Writers labs at Stage 32. Here you can join one-on-one pitch sessions with actual directors, agents, managers, and producers—for free. These are real opportunities to make real connections with real folks in the biz. Since it’s all done virtually, you save yourself the heart attack of having to navigate the busy streets of LA or NYC in hopes to score a sit-down with someone to pitch your ideas. Also, Studio 32 Happy Writers offers classes and consultations on a regular basis to help you hone in your skills.

Finding Work

In addition to having a solid way to pitch ideas to execs, you can also scout out the job offerings on Stage 32. As of October 18, 2014, there are 1,714 job opportunities available on Stage 32. These jobs include:

  • “Seeking researchers in Whitehorse, Canada for a documentary about Yukon Quest, the International Dog Sled Race
  • “Seeking screenwriters in Los Angeles, California”
  • “Seeking editors, script consultants, and script supervisors in West Asheville, NC”

Feed Your Mind

Like all great social media sites, there are plenty of chances to rub shoulders. Take a look at the Stage 32 Lounge, cocktail attire optional. Here you can discuss tips and ideas for work in the industry. Forum discussions include Stage 32 Meetups, screenwriting, playwriting, and books and publications applicable to the industry.

Miranda B adores all things social media from Ello to Stage 32. She is always on the hunt for a social place online where she can rub shoulders with like-minded creatives, as inspiration for her stories and blog posts comes in the oddest of ways.

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Freelancer Miranda B

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