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So You Have Writersblock? There’s an App for That!

app for that

In 2008 when Apple first used the phrase “There’s an App for That,” even I couldn’t have possibly imagined its vast application. It wasn’t until I sat in my office battling another case of writer’s block, and I heard it as clear as day, “There’s an App for That.” At first, I scoffed in disbelief to the notion of apps being designed for expert writers. But fortunately, I was wrong. I quickly discovered hoards of apps designed specifically for creating the best possible content. A few of my favorites and most helpful are listed below.


Instead of suffering from the stress of writer’s block, expert writers can quickly turn to Fargo to get back on track. Since one of the causes of writer’s block is lack of structure, Fargo puts it all in perspective. Fargo is an excellent app designed for you to throw your thoughts down, arrange and organize them, and then create a solid structure to help you get over the block.

Transcribe Pro

Sometimes, your best ideas strike you while you may be cleaning the kitchen or mowing the lawn. While you can always carry around a tape recorder to track those thoughts, this requires you to listen, pause, type, and repeat several times until you are done. Instead, Transcribe Pro offers a writing environment with a built in audio player so you can easily transcribe audio in a single screen. In addition, Transcribe Pro allows you to have safe cloud document storage.

Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach is a powerful all-in-one app with SEO tools, content optimization tools, and a proofreader. In addition, Atomic Reach includes the Atomic Engager, which is a WordPress plug-in that scores your content’s level of engagement. As a result, you can greatly improve your content to the exact specifications of your audience’s tastes. In addition, the app identifies spelling mistakes, grammar problems, and keywords.


Ernest Hemingway was one of the true masters of succinct sentences and compelling short stories. As the creator of a six-word short story, “For sale: baby shoes – never worn,” Hemingway offers expert writers a few lessons in content marketing. Since Hemingway isn’t available to conduct the class, the Hemingway app effectively shows content writers how to trim the fat. The powerful app recognizes complex sentences, passive voice use, and the over use of adverbs, which will allow you to serve up more desirable beefy content.

We We Monitor

When creating content, it’s far too easy for expert writers to excessively ramble about products and service. However, as every content marketer understands, the goal is to provide the audience with the information they want instead of product and service sales talk. Fortunately, We We Monitor is a unique app designed to let you know when you are talking too much about the business instead of your audience’s interest.


As an expert writer in several niches, Elliott C has experienced writer’s block on more than a few occasions. As a result, he is constantly looking for innovative ways to spur creativity and produce the best content possible.


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