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So No One Reads Your Blog…What Next?


You’ve checked the stats: the only reader you have is in Singapore and this person only viewed your home page once. Besides the few family members and friends who are allegedly  “reading your blog,” you simply lack any sort of a regularly visiting audience.What do you do to get people in your geographical proximity to take peeks at your page? To take your blog from blah-blah-blah to blitzkrieg-worthy, do more than just learn how to hire a writer.

Don’t Stop Moving

Give your blog a rest and all you’ll get in return is dead air. Don’t stop producing content on your blog, even if you have no one reading it at the moment. Just because no one is reading your blog  doesn’t mean they won’t stumble upon it in the future, when it’s full of useful content. That should become your new goal: create a blog stuffed to the gills with beneficial bits of knowledge.

Build it and they will come.

Free Content Fairies

Were you aware that you have a pool of free content at your fingertips? Well, all of those shared gifs on Facebook, tweets linking your blog, forum postings, and posted images of your business are free forms of content.

“Look, Daddy. Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.” Yes, and every time someone posts or shares something related to your blog, your business increases the reach of its expansion, ever-reaching like an angel’s wings.

Take and share the content created via your social media profiles in the form of forum posts, Facebook comments, graphics, videos, and images. These are free forms of content that are available for the taking. You need to regurgitate these things to keep the content coming for free to your temporarily-unread-blog. That means you need to share those cute cat snapshots, and that you can generate content ideas from comments on your blog.

Practice to Perfection

In all things in life, practice leads to perfection. The same goes for writing and blogging; the more you do these things, the more confident you’ll feel with your blog. Your confidence will shine through the computer screen and create a safe haven for your readers. They will believe in your blog and come to respect it for what you provide. You will become a fixture in their regular blog reading and your name may come up in casual conversation with your readers’ friends and family members. That will give you an eco-friendly boost to your readership, at a much cheaper rate than paying for ads to be splashed across the web.

Just Keep Blogging

If you feel like your blog serves a purpose and has a good chance of growing in the future, then by all means stay on the blogging bus and post, post, post. At the same time, pick up a few books on online marketing, blogging, and writing for an online audience. Suggestions include:

What about your blog? Are you struggling to find readers or do you wish your readers would return for more content? Share your struggles or success stories in the comments below!

Miranda B  regularly blogs for businesses including Writer Access, where she gets the thrill of spinning webs of her own convictions.

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