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Snapchat Stories: Driving Your Brand at Bedtime and Throughout the Day


Snapchat is known for its one-and-done picture and video messaging capability. Users send one-on-one messages that are available only for a short time, which might, on the surface, make Snapchat irrelevant for content marketers. You might be able to find article writers for such unique content, but how do you create ROI on content that lasts mere seconds? While brands do use the platform for one-to-one marketing, the launch of a stories feed in 2013 helped catapult the network into the one-to-many marketing game, especially for brands targeting younger audiences.

Snapchat User Demographics

Business Insider notes that Snapchat is popular with users aged 12 to 24. In fact, almost half of Americans in that age range have a Snapchat account, and most of them use the social media network regularly. The platform is growing in popularity with users in other age brackets as well: 18 percent of social media users in the United States use Snapchat.

Using Snapchat Stories

Snapchat’s story feed lets users choose to make content available for 24 hours at a time by selecting the My Story icon after creating an image from the main camera page. Users can add doodles and words to story posts in the same way they do on temporary posts, making it possible to convey an entire narrative in just a few pictures. Since the images are displayed to users for up to 24 hours, there is time for the information to attract attention for the brand.

Snapchat stories aren’t just for bedtime. According to Digitally Approved, users are logging into Snapchat as many as 22 times each day. With millions of users, brands can expect big exposure if they leverage their stories feeds correctly.

Use the stories feed to inform, entertain, or build excitement. McDonald’s built hype around a new product announcement by posting random photos on its story feed with text and doodles added that let users know something was coming the next day. The company that makes Sour Patch Kids combined its “first sweet, then sour” branding with online video comic Logan Paul. Paul put his own spin on the candy, posting a series of images to the brand’s story feed.

Snapchat stories can even be used as a VIP experience for loyal fans. Since the images disappear after 24 hours, only those following the brand on the platform get the experience firsthand. The National Basketball Association did this by creating storylines that included behind-the-scenes images and clips of the 2014 draft.

Leveraging Snapchat for content marketing purposes requires creative thinking, but the platform is a growing success that seems poised to top the stats for 2015. Brands that are targeting social-savvy younger users should get into the storyline while readers are still paying attention.



sarah sSarah S isn’t a millennial, so she came late to the Snapchat parade. As a writer, she finds the Story idea intriguing, and can’t wait to help clients brand themselves on the picture-perfect social network.


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