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Small Business Savvy with Social Media


Let’s face it. Every business needs to have an online presence, no matter how small or large you are. Effectively using social media tactics to your advantage can help your brand and increase traffic. When putting together your digital marketing strategy, it’s time to get creative! Before you get started, here are a few things you should know:

  • Your purpose
  • Your goals
  • Which platforms would work well for your industry
  • Your competition and what tactics they are using

Once you have this information, you can strategically formulate a plan on how to get the exposure you need to grow your business. Knowing the tactics that work can help:

Diversify Your Platforms

A good social media strategy encompasses a network of platforms, all working together to drive traffic to your site. Using these effectively can enhance your outreach and put you on the map. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are all good places to start.

Manage Your Media

You don’t know where you’re going if you don’t know what you’re doing. Using a social media manager can keep you abreast on all communication and will help you become more interactive and engaged with your office. It’s also easier if you have certain point people working specifically on social media. They will be able to see what’s going on at one time.

Be Visual

This is one of the most important tactics you can use that will quickly attract attention. Whether it’s an eye-catching ad on Facebook, or a video on YouTube, today’s consumers like to “see” what you are saying in your content.

Share Information

A great strategy companies are using is to give the spotlight to someone else. If you read something great, share it! Adding the link to this content via your social media pages will help position you as a leader, an ally, a potential colleague, and will link you to additional customers.

Keep Your Content Fresh

It’s difficult to stay on top of your content when you have so many other tasks to do, but having a consistent flow of information keeps your audience engaged and interested in what your company is doing. Even if you are posting a blog on Monday, an Infographic on Wednesday, and a video on Friday, you are giving people a reason to come to you. It’s wise to hire a blog writer to make sure your topics are interesting and deliver clear and concise content that your customers will want to read.

Using these tactics can help set your company apart while enhancing your brand image and engagement levels. Use your analytics to help create your niche. There’s a reason why social media starts with “social.” Get savvy and watch your investment of time and resources grow!

Allaire W is a freelance content marketing writer with a love for the written word and a sweet tooth that turned a hobby into a business. You can frequently find her “cooking” up assignments while covered in flour or cake batter.

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