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Six New Year Resolutions for Writers

For the most part, I don’t make New Year resolutions. I want to grow my business as an online content provider in 2013, though. Six writing resolutions will improve my skill and proficiency, and maybe this list will inspire you to grow your skills and business too.

1. Brush up on Grammar

I resolve to use my AP Style Guide for more than a paperweight this year. I don’t typically struggle with grammar, but every misplaced comma or modifier decreases my earnings potential and reduces my credibility as a writer. As I memorize and implement grammar rules, I’ll write better and faster.

2. Write Faster

I resolve to write faster. Typically, I waste too much time searching for sources or tweaking my work until it’s perfect. If I limit brainstorming and researching to 10 minutes and set the active writing timer to 20 minutes, my writing speed and submission process should increase.

I also resolve to save editing until after I complete the first draft. Editing as I write slows my speed. My daily order capacity should increase as I write faster.

3. Write More

I resolve to expand my professional resume by writing content in at least one new genre or niche every month. One of these new genres might turn into a new passion or yield new clients. They also improve my marketability and profile.

I also resolve to write at least 250 more words every day. When I consistently meet that goal, I increase my daily word count. Since most assignments pay per word, I increase my income when I write more.

4. Make More Money

I resolve to raise my rates for private clients, join at least five new content writing sites and perfect my persuasive Casting Call pitch. Earning more money per project and expanding my client base increase my earnings potential and expand my business and professional network.

5. Expand My Professional Network

I resolve to stay involved in online and in-person professional groups and forums. Working from home naturally includes solitude, but numerous writing forums and local professional groups connect local and international writers. As I join and participate in professional groups, I seek advice, share wisdom and earn a much-needed break from work.

6. Take a Break

I resolve to take regular work breaks. I didn’t take breaks this past year. As I worked day and night, I usually ended up staring blindly at the computer screen with writer fatigue instead of writing engaging copy.

Stepping away from my desk at least once an hour and scheduling regular days off increase my productivity and energy. I also need to commit to a regular bedtime, daily exercise and reading breaks. Taking breaks is a healthy move as I strive to become a better writer.

Do you want to join me in resolving to write more, better and smarter in 2013? Share your comments and New Year writing resolutions, and we’ll grow our writing careers together.

Jennifer T is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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